About Us

Who we are:

Brexpats - Hear Our Voice, (BHOV), is a pro-EU group, campaigning for the preservation of rights of British nationals in the EU. We also support EU citizens in the UK. Our Facebook group members, currently 1868, are primarily British in the EU but also EU nationals in the UK, and we place a high value on working together. Although we face different issues, we are two groups living in a prolonged state of limbo, which has been forced upon us, and we provide support to our members to help them get through these unprecedented difficult times. Our map here shows the geographical spread of our members, and to find out more about our members click here.

BHOV was founded shortly after the shock result of the referendum by Debbie Williams, a British national now resident in the Netherlands. She was spurred into action by the total lack of any safeguards in place to protect our rights.  In recognition of our work, Debbie and BHOV received a European Citizen's Award 2017 from the European Parliament. See below for details.

We are a not-for-profit group and do not receive any funding. Our team of volunteers have a wealth of experience and skills between them, as well as a common conviction that leaving the EU would be a grave error, harming society, its economy and individuals. Whilst negotiations are ongoing, and in the event of the UK going through with leaving the EU, we are working hard to minimise the damage to citizens whose lives have been put on hold. To see more details of our administration team click here.

Currently our main purpose is to:

·       raise awareness of the complexities of citizenship rights issues

·       ensure our rights are fully protected and ring-fenced in any negotiations

·       disseminate information and provide a support network to our members

For the longer term, we shall work to promote a better understanding of British nationals in the EU, their role in British society, why freedom of movement, both from and to the EU, needs to be preserved, and how we fit into the myriad of sound reasons for remaining in the EU.

Our main activities at the moment:

·       extensive lobbying campaigns, often involving our members

·       engaging in dialogue with UK/EU parliamentarians/committees, and giving evidence

·       cooperating closely with sister groups representing citizens

·       participating in the coalition British in Europe

·       updating members on developments concerning their rights

·       providing members with news summaries and keeping archives

·       alerting members of upcoming events relating to citizens' rights

·       managing an online platform for members, to help reduce ongoing anxiety

·       putting together profiles of group members to show who we are

·       compiling based on polls amongst members (click here for details)

If you are a British national in the EU, or an EU national in the UK, and would like to be actively involved and have the moral support of a group, join our closed Facebook group Brexpats - Hear Our Voice You can also follow us on Twitter here

Overview of our structure and communications

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