At the outset of the Brexit process, Theresa May insisted she was not going to give a running commentary on the activities to pursue Brexit. We thought our members would appreciate one, so the ‘Running Commentary’ was born.

Following the triggering of Article 50, regular updates were posted here, initially providing just headlines. This was expanded to show hyperlinks to worldwide newspaper articles relating to the agonising progress of Brexit.

During the period from 29 March 2017 until 1 August 2018, 50 posts covering 2500 links to articles summarising the progress on Brexit were published on our website. They remain here as a testament to the stupidity of Brexit.

Running Commentary #50. 1 August 2018

2500. When Brexit becomes a matter of life and death (

2499. Carmakers not ready for Brexit, says SMMT as UK sales fall (

2498. BMW to build 1 billion euro car factory in Hungary (

2497. Brexit will be bad for fishing industry says new study (

2496. Ministers 'misleading public' after denying that plans to 'turn Kent into a giant lorry park' are because of Brexit (

2495. Theresa May "two years behind the public on Brexit" (

2494. Corbyn's Brexit policy likely to be challenged at Labour conference (

2493. May should extend the article 50 process – to broker a good deal with the EU (

2492. Hunt urges France and Germany to force 'sensible' Brexit deal (

2491. What would 'no deal' mean for aviation? (

2490. Emmanuel Macron invites Theresa May for talks in south of France (

2489. Govt warns of 'potential retaliation' over Brexit tariff plans (

2488. Credit Suisse Said to Move 50 Investment Banking Jobs to Madrid (

2487. Take a prescription drug? Here’s how Brexit could put you at risk (

2486. Fix Irish border or face hard Brexit: EU lawmakers warn UK (

2485. Explainer: Is Ireland in danger of a medicines shortage because of Brexit? (

2484. Brexit means Brexit, but Theresa May has decided the people mustn't find out what it really means (

2483. EU's Brexit declaration could be just 'four or five pages' long (

2482. Hunt urges France and Germany to push EU for Brexit deal (

2481. Government should build migration consensus and engage in open debate (

2480. Angela Merkel ally backs second Brexit vote as he lashes out at Leave campaign 'lies' (

2479. Britain Becomes the Economic Black Sheep of G-7 Nations (

2478. No deal Brexit is not an option, Britain's car industry warns (

2477. UKIP wants us to boycott Walkers crisps because Gary Lineker hates Brexit (

2476. 13-mile lorry park may last 'many years' after Brexit, impact reports reveal (

2475. The last thing parliament should do is take a break until September (

2474. 'Dunkirk spirit': UK banks are preparing billions in emergency lending to support the economy under a no-deal Brexit (

2473. EU Naval Force to move Headquarters due to Brexit (

2472. Senior Cabinet minister warns that ‘no deal’ Brexit could trigger new recession (‘no-deal’-brexit-could)

2471. We would remain in EU now, say small companies (

2470. Tory ministers to head across Europe selling May's Brexit strategy (

2469. May’s only EU friend is a far-right Italian xenophobe (

2468. Ukip to team up in 'unholy alliance' with Steve Bannon's new far right European movement (

2467. Theresa May dismisses calls for second Brexit referendum in wake of Sky Data poll (

2466. Little sympathy for UK's Brexit woes among EU's newest members (

2465. Pro-Brexit JD Wetherspoon issues profit warning after being hit by rising costs (

2464. Euan McColm: Brexit more chilling than anything from ‘Project Fear’ (

2463. Deutsche Bank shifts half clearing from London to Frankfurt (

2462. Sky Data poll: 78% think the government is doing a bad job on Brexit (

2461. Brexit provides the perfect ingredients for a national food crisis (

2460. Theresa May's Chequers deal is already dead. Here's my plan for a Final Say referendum – and why it's better than the prime minister's (

2459. U.K. Faces Abject Future After Brexit, Ex-Lloyd's Chairman Says (

2458. Amber Rudd compares Eurosceptics to climate change deniers as she warns over 'sobering risks' of no-deal Brexit (

2457. Cabinet to “bury” no deal plans so people don’t panic (

2456. PM takes charge of Brexit and sidelines Raab (

2455. Brexit rows and power-sharing failure may lead us on a downward spiral into toxicity, warns Robinson (

2454. A withering verdict: MPs report on Zuckerberg, Russia and Cambridge Analytica (

2453. Army on standby for no-deal Brexit emergency (

2452. No one else wants a Brexit car crash, but only Britain can steer itself to safety (

2451. Cabinet ministers 'draw up secret plan' in case Brexit talks collapse without a deal (

2450. UK voters back Brexit deal referendum as May's ratings plunge – polls (

2449. British farmers say ‘no deal’ Brexit would be an ‘Armageddon scenario’ (

2448. Final Say: Senior ex-diplomat backs Independent's campaign for a referendum on final Brexit deal (

2447. Theresa May’s Impossible Choice (

2446. Millions of diabetes patients could be 'seriously disadvantaged' by insulin shortages after if no-deal reached (

2445. David Lidington to sell UK's Brexit stance to France (

2444. For the first time, more people support a second referendum (

2443. ANDREW ADONIS: Threat to delicate peace in Ireland (

2442. Final Say: The misinformation that was told about Brexit during and after the referendum (]

2441. Arts will suffer without freedom of movement, say Lords (

2440. Vote Leave's targeted Brexit ads released by Facebook (

2439. What could day one of no-deal Brexit look like? From transport chaos to medical meltdown and financial panic (

2438. Dominic Raab: the face that says, ‘I need to take back control of my sphincter’ (

2437. Theresa May’s attempt to bypass Brussels in Brexit talks fails as member states line up to back official EU position (

2436. Majority now back a second referendum on Brexit terms (

2435. Theresa May’s approval rating plunges to record low, exclusive poll reveals (

2434. Brexit: Michel Barnier rules out Theresa May's Chequers customs plan (

2433. U.K.’s Fox Demands No Special Deal for EU Migrants After Brexit (

2432. Dominic Raab's 'war cry' to Brussels turned out to be a desperate beg for mercy (

2431. Final Say: Independent petition calling for referendum on final Brexit deal breaks 200,000 in just 24 hours (

2430. UK could cancel Brexit and stay in EU on same terms, says French government (

2429. A dangerous void where government should be (

2428. EU would delay Brexit to let us hold People’s Vote (

2427. COBA calls on Government to be ambitious on broadcasting (

2426. Not too late for UK to change its mind and stay in EU on same terms, says French minister - Politics live (

2425. Gary Lineker joins campaign for second Brexit referendum (

2424. Why Remainers are confident there is enough time for a second Brexit referendum (

2423. No-deal Brexit will make it ‘illegal’ to pay pensions to retired British expats living in EU, MPs told (

2422. It dawns on Raab he's now below the Four Pot Plants in the food chain (

2421. Dominic Raab left red-faced after misspelling European Union in key Brexit paper (

2420. Why the EU will only extend the Brexit deadline for a second referendum (

2419. Elton John attacks ‘completely ridiculous’ Brexit promises (

2418. Final Say: Independent launches petition demanding referendum on Brexit deal (

2417. Take Brexit to court: because cheaters don't keep their prize (

Running Commentary #49. 25 July 2018

2416. Guy Verhofstadt brands Tory Brexiteer ‘insane’ for suggesting some Remainers should be tried for treason (

2415. This Conservative Brexiteer wants British people with "EU loyalty" to be tried for treason (

2414. A third of companies have shifted contracts out of English courts' jurisdiction since Brexit vote (

2413. The Observer view on the threat to British democracy (

2412. The tragedy of Theresa May - repeating David Cameron's mistake (

2411. Dominic Raab under fire over claim that Bank study shows no deal outcome 'worse for EU' (

2410. Article 50 extension would need major shift in UK politics, say EU officials (

2409. With Brexit Deadlocked, Britain Stares Over a Cliff (

2408. May sends cabinet on mini-breaks to Europe to sell her Brexit deal (

2407. UK could refuse to pay Brexit bill if EU fails to agree trade deal, says Raab (

2406. People would prefer to remain in the EU than face ‘no deal’ Brexit, poll finds (

2405. The IMF is right: hard Brexit is an international threat (

2404. Brexit: Ministers will be sent across Europe to rescue Chequers plan after Barnier savaging (

2403. Why is Britain turning blind eye to Leave side’s lawbreaking? (

2402. Theresa May’s lack of preparedness for Brexit has been cruelly exposed (

2401. Britain steps up doomsday planning for no-deal Brexit (

2400. Public to be warned every week over no-deal Brexit (

2399. Britain must be able to control all regulations after Brexit (

2398. Jacob Rees-Mogg says Britain is on course to quit EU with NO deal (

2397. UK economy will suffer more than EU in 'no deal' Brexit scenario, warns IMF (

2396. Theresa May’s Brexit exposes EU to fraud risk, claims Michel Barnier (

2395. May's Brexit proposals have been two years in the making. They were killed off in Brussels within eight minutes (

2394. Sterling falls as UK retail sales in June much worse than expected (

2393. Brexit: What do the EU's 'no deal' preparations say? (

2392. Brexit blueprint from Chequers breaches EU core principles, declares Barnier (

2391. Michel Barnier raises concerns over UK's latest Brexit plan – video (

2390. Theresa May warned of ‘mass resignations’ if more ground given to Brussels (

2389. The will of the people? These Brexit ideologues are destroying democracy (

2388. Michel Barnier takes apart Theresa May’s Chequers white paper plan (

2387. May admits a few hard truths about the Irish border (

2386. 'Forces of darkness have taken over': Soubry accuses May of capitulating to hardline Brexiters (

2385. Week in Review: Total Brexit madness (

2384. Vote again to break the Brexit deadlock (

2383. Brexit uncertainty has already damaged Britain’s exporters (

2382. EU assault on May's white paper heightens 'no deal' Brexit fears (

2381. EU assault on May's white paper heightens 'no deal' Brexit fears (

2380. Theresa May signed off five-figure bonus for chief Brexit adviser (

2379. No plan in place for Brexit driving permits surge, say auditors (

2378. Chief whip Julian Smith ‘told MPs to defy pairing deals’ (

2377. No deal Brexit would make UK ‘dumping ground’ for chemicals banned in Europe, environmental groups warn (

2376. Cheese to become 'luxuries' in UK after Brexit, report warns (

2375. May struggles to explain customs plan in grilling by senior MPs (

2374. Brexit: SNP MPs demand rerun of EU referendum amid Vote Leave probe (

2373. 1,500 jobs at risk as Gaucho collapse deepens high street crisis (

2372. Sir John Major warns 'fanatical' Tory Brexiteers 'will trigger early General Election' (

2371. 'Brexit dividend' for health service a myth, government's official spending watchdog confirms (

2370. How can the Brexit stalemate be broken? (

2369. No deal Brexit risks 'big' consequences and 'idle bankers' , Mark Carney warns (

2368. Guto Bebb Resigns As Defence Minister (

2367. Dover-Calais 'facing economic catastrophe' due to Brexit (

2366. Eurostar station in Paris to be rebuilt to prepare for Brexit border disruption (

2365. Soubry: Brexiteers believe ‘loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs will be worth it’ (

2364. A White Paper that is full of holes (

2363. City of London gets moving on relocation plans after Brexit (

2362. Trump: soft Brexit will 'kill' UK's chances of US trade deal (

Running Commentary #48. 13 July 2018

2361. Soft or hard, no brand of Brexit can command a Commons majority (

2360. If this is all the government has for its Brexit white paper, we're in trouble (

2359. Brexiters seem to forget that ‘no deal’ is not legally an option (

2358. PM says White Paper delivers 'the Brexit people voted for' (

2357. A no-deal Brexit survival guide: what food to stockpile (

2356. Supply of 100 UK medicines to be disrupted, warns EMA (

2355. Fintan O’Toole: Britain has gone to huge trouble to humiliate itself (

2354. More ministers ready to quit over Brexit, PM told (

2353. There's now a real chance the UK won't get a Brexit deal — here's what that means for markets (

2352. Javid puts EU nationals back on high alert over future (

2351. JPMorgan issues bleak warning on Brexit damage (

2350. End this national farce – Labour must oppose Brexit (

2349. Yet again, Boris Johnson has exposed himself as a self-serving charlatan (

2348. Europe’s response to May’s plan could cost her more ministers (

2347. Boris Johnson Has Ruined Britain (

2346. EU President Donald Tusk blasts Boris Johnson and David Davis after their resignations and says he hopes their departures will stop Brexit (

2345. Labour poised to vote down Brexit deal (

2344. All the times Boris Johnson flat-out lied (

2343. Theresa May would fight any no-confidence vote, says No 10 – politics live (

2342. Brexit's 'cakeism' is dead. The question now is what will replace it (

2341. David Davis: In the end, there was nothing behind the swagger (

2340. Theresa May’s EU deal under fire from hardline Brexiters (

2339. Brexit showdown: Boris Johnson's gang outgunned by Theresa May at Chequers (

2338. Brexit: Why services matter in any deal (

2337. Airbus boss warns firm is weighing up its future in post-Brexit Britain (

2336. Is May’s ‘third way’ just another Brexit fantasy? (

2335. Tory Brexit game is designed to sell us short and asset strip the country (

2334. Theresa May Wins Cabinet Backing for U.K. Soft Brexit Blueprint (

2333. PM May will sack foreign minister Johnson if he undermines Brexit deal – Times (

2332. Brexit: Fresh fury at Downing Street plan amid claims it could prevent UK-US trade deal (

2331. Cabinet agrees Brexit deal that keeps Britain tied to EU rules on goods indefinitely (

2330. What the cabinet has agreed at Chequers Brexit meeting (

2329. Michel Barnier: EU willing to compromise if UK softens red lines (

2328. Rudderless and riven by Brexit, the Tories have only one ambition left (

2327. Government has no clue how to execute Brexit without harm – Airbus chief (

2326. The Chequers summit: the agenda – and what could happen next (

2325. Theresa May rejects offer of 2 more weeks of Brexit talks despite calling for negotiations to accelerate (

2324. Theresa May tells ministers to do their 'duty' on Brexit as anti-EU rebels warn she could 'destroy the government' (

2323. David Attenborough: Brexiteers “probably don't understand” facts (

2322. Jaguar Land Rover says hard Brexit will cost it £1.2bn a year (

2321. JPMorgan asks 'several dozen' bankers to relocate in Brexit plan (

2320. Shops ‘will raise prices as Brexit hits profits’ (

2319. UK companies prepare EU bases in the lead-up to Brexit (

2318. Pressure rises on Jeremy Corbyn as Unite 'open' to new Brexit referendum (

2317. Nurses are quitting the NHS for Lidl due to better pay and conditions (

2316. The Brexit compromise is coming - prepare yourself for the cry of treachery (

2315. City donations to Tories collapse as Brexit anger mounts (

Running Commentary #47. 03 July 2018 2314. MPs request Bank and Treasury Brexit analysis (

2313. Len McCluskey will use his 'influence' to campaign for new Brexit referendum if Unite members want one (

2312. Theresa May has run out of road. This week she must face down Tory Brexit rebels (

2311. You and whose army? Tories call Brexiteers' bluff: loyalists demand end to feuding after right flexes muscles over leaving with no deal (

2310. London’s Brexit time bomb is about to blow (

2309. MPs must get Bank of England advice on any economic damage before voting on deal, says Treasury Committee (

2308. Brexit: 'Zero chance' leaving EU will make Britons better off, Nobel laureate economist Paul Krugman says (

2307. May's cabinet still squabbling as Chequers meeting looms (

2306. Doctors vote to oppose Brexit (

2305. Six thoughts on Labour and Brexit (

2304. Tory MPs are predicting another Brexit fudge at Chequers. They are probably right (

2303. Brexit Has Already Cost the U.K. More than Its EU Budget Payments, Study Shows (

2302. Business Sec hints Brexit transition could be extended past 2020 (

2301. EU citizens: what settled status after Brexit really means – a legal expert explains (

2300. 'May privately thinks Brexit is a mistake' Grieve says PM REFUSES to predict Brexit gains (

2299. Time running out for UK withdrawal agreement – Varadkar (

2298. Brexit almost derailed as Theresa May aide Oliver Robbins’ briefings left on Eurostar train (

2297. NHS preparing for 'no deal' Brexit as it writes to every hospital in England over EU nationals (

2296. The NHS is preparing to stockpile medicine in case of a no deal Brexit, health service boss admits (

2295. Unite members strongly support public vote on final Brexit deal, new poll says (

2294. Brexit will make foreign manufacturers in the UK take flight (

2293. The EU is privately telling European countries to prepare their airports for a no-deal Brexit (

2292. Cabinet anarchy as Chequers summit looms (

2291. EU says no hope of securing UK's withdrawal deal by October (

2290. Brexiteer MP John Redwood Slammed For Advising Wealthy To 'Get Money Out Of The UK' (

2289. Article 50 extension may be required to prevent no-deal Brexit, MPs warn Theresa May (

2288. Theresa May tells EU leaders: you are putting lives at risk over Brexit (

2287. A 14th straight YouGov poll shows Britain wishes it had never voted to leave the EU (

2286. If May ran a business she’d be fired by now (

2285. 'Wanting' A Brexit Deal Isn’t Going To Be Enough (

2284. Sky Views: British politics is having a nervous breakdown (

2283. The compelling Tory case for a second Brexit vote (

2282. Theresa May's cancelled Cabinet sleepover suggests she's plotting a soft Brexit (

2281. 'Worrying time' for Fishguard over Stena Line funding cut (

2280. Pound tumbles to seven-month low against dollar as Brexit deal prospects worsen (

2279. 'Last call' for deal, Donald Tusk warns UK (

2278. Women’s rights at risk after Brexit (

2277. The EU will reject Theresa May's single market for goods Brexit proposal (

2276. From gin to cheese, the food and drink staples at risk of shortages (

2275. EU leaders say single-market access for goods a nonstarter (

2274. The People’s Vote March got 100,000 people on the streets to protest Brexit. Next time it will be a million (

2273. Just 11% of Britons say Govt doing good job on Brexit - Sky Data poll (

2272. Theresa May tries to shift Brexit talks on to security amid EU anger over lack of progress (

2271. Nissan 'halts investment plans' while it remains 'in the dark' over Brexit plans, according to reports (

2270. GINA MILLER: For one brief shining moment the people took back control (

2269. Sterling falls to eight-month low as Brexit pressures grow (

2268. EU27 piles pressure on Theresa May to come up with clear Brexit plan (

2267. Why was BBC silent when doctors called for people’s vote? (

2266. Who should be blamed for what Brexit did to Britain? (

2265. Theresa May calls for Brexit talks to speed up as EU summit kicks off (

2264. Labour 'betraying' British citizens abroad who cannot vote (

2263. Brexit Britain: Shouting at Foreigners (

2262. Theresa May insists cabinet is united after day of Tory infighting (

2261. In defence of freedom of movement (

2260. Nissan 'halts investment plans' while it remains 'in the dark' over Brexit plans, according to reports (

2259. Bank contracts worth trillions at risk, says finance watchdog (

2258. Ministers told Brexit negotiating time running out (

2257. Carlos Ghosn says Nissan is 'in the dark' over Brexit (

2256. Freight group warns of ‘near paralysis’ at Border after Brexit (

2255. Labour 'betraying' British citizens abroad who cannot vote (

2254. The ugliest secret of Brexit is that the government is working with businesses dependent on immigration to keep your salary low (

2253. John Lewis Profits to Be Wiped Out Amid Price Competition (

2252. How has the Brexit vote affected the UK economy? June verdict (

Running Commentary #46. 26 June 2018 2251. ‘Increase in racism in schools since Brexit’ (

2250. Theresa May tries to repair damaged relations with business leaders after economic warnings (

2249. Tories 'deserve to lose' if they carry on feuding over public spending and Brexit, admits Theresa May’s former policy chief (

2248. Business survey results signal "absolute disaster" if government doesn’t get a grip on Brexit very soon (

2247. Let’s stop pretending that Brexit will be good for us – the people should have their say on a final deal (

2246. Tees Valley mayor hits out at business leaders for criticism of Brexit talks (

2245. Tories can’t win this battle with business (

2244. Tory MPs could refuse to back tax rises for £20bn NHS boost, says Jacob Rees-Mogg (

2243. UK automotive industry urges rethink on Brexit red lines as uncertainty bites (

2242. Brexit prompts Heathrow operator Ferrovial to move international HQ out of UK (

2241. The Tories have trashed what’s left of their economic reputation (

2240. France and Germany will block May's single market plan, says Spain (

2239. Firms that have issued warnings over Brexit (

2238. Car investment slumps as 'uncertainty bites' (

2237. UK democracy under threat and reform is urgent, says electoral regulator (

2236. Mary McAleese says she is ‘heartbroken by Brexit’ (

2235. Brexit uncertainty puts 860,000 jobs at risk, warns car industry (

2234. Top Scots food brands face bleak future in post-Brexit global trade deals (

2233. Banks 'not prepared' for no-deal Brexit, EBA says (

2232. Financial firms will abandon Britain after Brexit, says IMF chief (

2231. Theresa May to host cabinet sleepover to finalise Brexit white paper (

2230. What are the economic effects of Brexit so far? (

2229. Foreign businesses to UK: solve Brexit or risk £100bn in trade (

2228. Confirmed: Northern Ireland has no back-up plan for a hard border (

2227. Two years on from the referendum and we still have no earthly clue how Brexit will play out (

2226. Lagarde says Ireland and Europe must be ready for post-Brexit influx of financial firms (

2225. The Guardian view on the Brexit demo: a boost for Europe (

2224. BMW warns it could close Mini and Rolls-Royce factories if hard Brexit causes customs delays (

2223. We won't be silenced over threat to economy, say City chiefs (

2222. BMW warns Brexit could force UK plant closures (

2221. Government's anti-business bias hurts UK economy: London finance chief (

2220. Will Unite pressurise Labour to come out for second referendum? (

2219. I work in Brussels alongside the EU Brexit negotiators and I find it incredible how little the UK government understands (

2218. Cancelling Brexit might spark a hard right backlash. But delivering Brexit definitely will (

2217. My unlikely hero amid Brexit’s many villains (

2216. We, the People, can stop Brexit…. Yes, we can! (

2215. Bremain in Spain joins People's Vote march in London (

2214. Brexit Has Already Cost the U.K. More than Its EU Budget Payments, Study Shows (

2213. Anti-Brexit People's Vote march in London – in pictures (

2212. We, the People, can stop Brexit…. Yes, we can! (

2211. 100,000 attend London anti-Brexit march (

2210. 100,000 attend London anti-Brexit march (

2209. Enough already: in the national interest, we must stop a hard Brexit (

2208. Voices of the People's March: 'We have been sold a lie' (

2207. We are not leaving. We’re abdicating (

2206. Thousands take to streets in London on anti-Brexit march (

2205. People's Vote march 2018: 'One hundred thousand' turn up to demand final say on Brexit deal (

2204. Tens of thousands march in London demanding Brexit deal referendum (

2203. How the UK gradually warmed to a second referendum on leaving the EU (

2202. True cost of Brexit vote ‘is £440m every week’ (

2201. May 'not bluffing' over walking away from Brexit talks (

Running Commentary #45. 23 June 2018

2200. Airbus has delivered a body blow to Brexit Britain. It won’t be the last (

2199. EU diplomats shocked by Boris's 'four-letter reply' to business concerns about Brexit (

2198. A ‘people’s vote’ on the final Brexit deal is a necessity (

2197. March planned as Fox says PM not bluffing on no deal (

2196. Broughton, the town in fear after Brexit warning by Airbus (

2195. Airbus horror story ruins May's no-deal victory (

2194. More firms may follow Airbus in Brexit threat, says CBI (

2193. BMW joins Airbus in Brexit warning (

2192. BMW joins Airbus in warning about Brexit (

2191. Airbus: 'No-deal' Brexit would be 'chaos at the borders' (

2190. Airbus threatens to leave the UK because of uncertainty over Brexit (

2189. Are we at Brexit yet? May’s indecision means we’re still in the car park (

2188. The Brexiteers are discovering that the UK already had the best model: EU membership (

2187. 'Should I stay or should I go now?' (

2186. Britain’s economy has slowed to a standstill, largely because of Brexit (

2185. An MP was wheeled through the voting lobbies, high on morphine and carrying a sick bucket, the moment Brexit lost the dignity it never had (

2184. UK and Brussels drawn into blame-game over EU citizens' rights (

2183. The City That Defined Brexit Has Given Up (

2182. EU withdrawal bill: how did your MP vote on the 'meaningful vote'? (

2181. Former UK financial district leader sees 75,000 Brexit job losses (

2180. Brexit 'meaningful vote': government backs away from fight with rebels (

2179. Intelligence chief wades into Brexit security row (

2178. UK could lose £10bn a year in City-related tax revenue after Brexit (

2177. EU leaders set to warn Theresa May over talks and step up preparations for ‘no deal', leaked documents reveal (

2176. EU chiefs to warn businesses: Prepare for UK crashing out (

2175. UK 'can't keep European Arrest Warrant after Brexit' (

2174. What the bloody hell is going on with the meaningful vote? (

2173. Government seems so ‘hamstrung by Brexit immigration dogma’ it risks failing £1.2bn soft fruit industry, growers claim (

2172. Tom Watson reports Theresa May to advertising watchdog over 'Brexit dividend' claim (

2171. "Jaw-dropping" £300 billion negative swing in foreign investment flows since Brexit (

2170. Parliament’s problem isn’t anti-Brexit protests outside. It lies within (

2169. Brexit barriers could cost households £1k each, report argues (

2168. May double-crossed Grieve over Brexit – this is a constitutional crisis (

2167. May's claim of 'Brexit dividend' for NHS dismissed as 'tosh' (

2166. Theresa May's friend who quit ministerial job over Brexit says party membership is being taken over by right-wing Europhobes using the same tactics as Momentum to silence 'reasonable and decent' Tories (

2165. EU nationals fear Brexit will tear carers from their families (

2164. David Davis 'blocked' plans to give parliament more power over Brexit after protests of Tory right wing (

2163. Theresa May’s deputy accused of misleading MPs after insisting cancer patients have nothing to fear from UK leaving Euratom (

2162. The Brexiteers won the vote, but have lost every argument since (

2161. The Guardian view on a no-deal Brexit: a fatal delusion (

2160. Brexit is not about sovereignty – it’s about restoring the class system (

2159. EU making preparations for possibility of Brexit being postponed (

2158. Brexit effect: Paris unseats London as top city for foreign investors (

Running Commentary #44. 15 June 2018 2157. Theresa May would be toppled if Parliament votes down final Brexit deal, says senior Tory (

2156. Bankers to ask Theresa May why they should stay after Brexit (

2155. Bankers to ask Theresa May why they should stay after Brexit (

2154. ‘Most difficult part is still to come’, warns Barnier (

2153. Theresa May's compromise plan falls apart as pro-EU rebels brand it 'unacceptable' (

2152. Tory rebellion back on after MPs reject May's Brexit amendment (

2151. Two-thirds of voters believe Theresa May making bad job of Brexit (

2150. Tory Brexit war explodes as rebels brand Theresa May 'sneaky' and proclaim they'll defeat her (

2149. Leading Tory rebel Dominic Grieve rejects May's Brexit comp (

2148. Brexit warning from investment firm co-founded by Rees-Mogg (

2147. Tory rebels must take a stand on the meaningful vote (

2146. Downing Street Accused Of Forcing Through Brexit Votes Before Leave Campaign Investigation Is Published (

2145. MPs call for police to investigate Arron Banks' links to Russia (

2144. Jaguar to move production of Land Rover Discovery from UK to Slovakia (

2143. Rolls-Royce 'to axe 4,000 jobs' - many in Derby (

2142. Defeat in crunch vote could oust Theresa May, Gordon Brown says (

2141. Peterhead fish processing could be relocated to Poland after Brexit, expert warns (

2140. The Observer view on why MPs must vote in our best interests in the Brexit moment of truth (

2139. Russell: EU withdrawal bill is profoundly anti-democratic (

2138. One Brexit amendment that puts the government’s survival at risk (

2137. ‘Extraordinary secrecy’ in Whitehall is crippling Brexit plans (

2136. Fewer leave voters back Tories' handling of Brexit – poll (

2135. Boris Johnson warns of Brexit 'meltdown' in furious attack on 'heart of Remain' Treasury (

2134. As a war veteran I know the importance of remaining in the EU, which is why I’ve decided to march with the People’s Vote (

2133. The Brexit myth of no-strings frictionless trade (

2132. Suffering from Brexit anxiety? You could get free counselling (

2131. Paralysed by Brexit, Theresa May is leading us into a zombie apocalypse (

2130. Remainers need courage to go for the kill (

2129. Gibraltar’s Vulnerability is Growing (

2128. Ministers told to ditch 'fallacy' of securing easy Brexit trade deals (

2127. Back Strop: why May can’t solve the Irish issue unless she stands up to the Brexit hardliners (

2126. Brexit puts price cap on EU calls and texts at risk, Sky News learns (

2125. May made false promise to be “straight with the people” (

2124. UK government drops plan for 'meaningful vote' on Brexit deal – Labour (

2123. Theresa May backs down against David Davis - but bigger picture is still bleak (

2122. Can Britons keep their EU citizenship after Brexit? (

2121. European fruit pickers shun Britain (

2120. Concerns for eastern Europeans in Brexit ‘settled status’ plan (

2119. Ministers told to ditch 'fallacy' of securing easy Brexit trade deals (

2118. Lack of detail on post-Brexit agricultural policy ‘damaging’ farming (

2117. Theresa May accused of "holding the country hostage" as she abandons Brexit white paper (

2116. End of free movement risks collapse of UK social care, report warns (

2115. This is what will happen to Brits living elsewhere in Europe after Brexit (

2114. British citizens living in Europe will lose key freedoms and rights next year (

2113. Farmers worried over 'lack of detail' in post-Brexit plans (

2112. Young may head for exit after Brexit (

2111. Logistics industry says ‘too late’ to avoid Brexit disruption (

2110. Blink-and-you'll-miss-it Commons vote shows Brexit govt's contempt for parliament (

2109. EU is one of the greatest human achievements, says Welby — and that’s the truth (

2108. Europe to Britain: Eat your cake and go (

2107. Construction companies hit by drop in orders as Brexit fears weigh (

2106. UK manufacturers say Brexit uncertainty will force them to make cuts (

2105. Brexit leaders prove that the campaign to leave the EU was entirely driven by self-interests (

2104. New infrastructure to absorb Channel port disruption will not be ready in time for no-deal Brexit (

2103. Theresa May under fire over plans to overturn all 15 Lords defeats on EU withdrawal bill in single day (

2102. May Accused Of Trying To 'Railroad' A Hard Brexit Through Commons In One-Day Session For EU Withdrawal Bill (

2101. No strong business case for ditching EU rules, says thinktank (

2100. Brussels refuses to extend UK trade deals during transition (

Running Commentary #43. 04 June 2018 2099. 'If you're sick of Brexit, you should get shot of Brexit', David Miliband says (

2098. Government under pressure to publish warnings of 'Doomsday Brexit' (

2097. DUP leader threatens to withdraw support for Theresa May on Brexit customs plans (

2096. We don’t need Brexit. I have a plan to build a modern, fairer Britain (

2095. No-deal Brexit 'would clear Scottish supermarkets of food in two days' (

2094. Philip Hammond says EU has rejected Brexiteers' 'max fac' Brexit customs plan (

2093. Government play down risks of a no-deal Brexit scenario (

2092. Whitehall preparing for food and medicine shortages in event of ‘doomsday’ no deal Brexit (

2091. Britons have a change of heart on immigration (

2090. No-deal would lead to immediate food and medicine shortages, government 'doomsday' study claims (

2089. Revealed: plans for Doomsday Brexit (

2088. Ireland gives Britain two weeks to produce Brexit border proposals (

2087. There’s zero good about Brexit for vulnerable workers (

2086. Whatever happened to the US-UK trade deal?; A year on from the London Bridge attacks (

2085. Roadmap to avoid Brexit to be sent to MPs and peers (

2084. MPs sign letter calling for vote with option to remain in the EU (

2083. Why do some UK citizens fear for their future rights? (

2082. There is 'not a chance' the most widely touted economic benefit from Brexit will materialise (

2081. Liam Fox Blasts Trump's 'Protectionism' Over Steel - But Still Expects Good Deal With US Post-Brexit (

2080. Voters getting more pessimistic about Brexit impact on economy and UK generally, poll suggests - Politics live (

2079. Leftwingers launch campaign to shift Labour position on Brexit (

2078. Industrialists warn May they will not invest if Brexit uncertainty persists (

2077. Barclays to tighten lending to Brexit-affected UK economy (

2076. The seven deadly trade lies that Brexiteers tell us (

2075. Lloyd's of London relocates staff from the City to Brussels in time for Brexit (

2074. The Appalling Failure of Brexit (

2073. PM’s dithering will cause death by thousand cuts to economy (

2072. The government’s Brexit stance is riddled with legal confusion (

2071. Labour told it will reap rewards in Wales if it moves to oppose Brexit (

2070. The EU has just passed a law that could end the problems with free movement which led to Brexit in the first place (

2069. British voters took benefits of EU citizenship for granted, Luxembourg prime minister says (

2068. 'Brexit is a disaster' – experts debate the latest economic data (

2067. Fears over food contamination if Britain and EU can’t agree Brexit deal (

2066. 11 Brexit promises the government quietly dropped (

2065. 'Brexit is a disaster' – experts debate the latest economic data (

2064. PM has two weeks to put Brexit on paper. Good luck (

2063. UK unlawfully copying data from EU police system (

2062. HMRC has lost 2,000 staff since Brexit referendum (

2061. U.K. Hiring Problems Are Widening as EU Workers Stay Away (

2060. Discovery to shut London TV hub as it mulls post-Brexit plan (

2059. Nicola Sturgeon: Theresa May must ‘concede’ to joining customs union to break Brexit deadlock (‘concede’)

2058. British 'linguaphobia' has deepened since Brexit vote, say experts (

2057. Whether it’s Brexit or Bremain, the UK is in long-term economic decline (

2056. Second Brexit referendum would see UK vote to remain in EU, new poll analysis shows (

2055. Jacob Rees-Mogg urges May to revive her no-deal threat to Brussels (

2054. Fear over 'secret' Government plan for UK to stay in EU after deadline as cash set aside for European elections (

2053. May playing 'hide and seek' in Brexit talks, Barnier says (

2052. If Keir Starmer’s six tests mean anything he must oppose Brexit (

Running Commentary #42. 27 May 2018 2051. Two years after the Brexit vote, Project Fear may be coming true (

2050. Barnier warns Britain to stop playing hide and seek (

2049. ALASTAIR CAMPBELL: Things can only get worse on this course (

2048. There’s a rat in this Brexit heist movie. Who could it be, Boris? (

2047. UK growth hits five-year low of 0.1% as business investment falls – as it happened (

2046. More British companies investing in Germany ahead of Brexit (

2045. ‘I’d have sacked Boris’ – EXCLUSIVE Ken Clarke interview (

2044. ‘Disorderly’ Brexit may force Bank to print more money or slash interest rates, Mark Carney warns (

2043. Brexiteers' favoured customs model could cost businesses £20bn a year, HMRC warns (

2042. New polling analysis reveals that a second referendum would swing to Remain (

2041. UK 'chasing a fantasy' in Brexit talks, top EU official warns (

2040. Brexit is a palace of lies built on sand – watch me knock it down (

2039. Prisoners on day release to plug workforce gaps after Britain leaves EU (

2038. EU officials tear into UK’s ‘fantasy’ Brexit negotiating strategy as talks turn bitter (

2037. ‘Max-fac’ is an idiotic idea that will bankrupt British businesses (

2036. EU economy growing at its fastest pace in a decade (

2035. Brits in Europe need free movement - even if David Davis won't fight for it (

2034. Bernard-Henri Lévy: ‘Brexit will not happen’ (

2033. Brexit uncertainty hammers foreign investment (

2032. Brexit: Technology-based customs system 'could cost £20bn' (

2031. Tory Brexit plans in chaos as MPs are told customs system won't be ready in time (

2030. HMRC says 'max fac' customs system preferred by Brexiters could cost business up to £20bn per year – Politics live (

2029. MPs forced to vote on Brexit without full details of trade deal, minister admits (

2028. Britain legally bound to pay Brexit bill before trade accord agreed – minister (

2027. Negotiation By Slideshow: EU Says Customs Unions Don't Help Much (

2026. Michael Gove attacks Philip Hammond over Brexit legislation defeats (

2025. EU to reject Theresa May's call for Northern Ireland 'backstop' to be time limited (

2024. Scottish court told Brexit could be unilaterally halted (

2023. Britain left behind as Australia and New Zealand start trade talks with EU instead (

2022. Even now Labour voters back remain. The party must show that they matter (

2021. U.K.'s Retired Sun Seekers Risk Losing Pensions After Brexit (

2020. Brexit is knocking out British industry, and it may not bounce back (

2019. Britain's nursing union just demanded a second referendum on Brexit (


2017. There's No Such Thing As A Good Brexit - But Staying In The Single Market Is The Least Worst Option (

2016. The long and winding road back from the Brexit brink (

2015. Why the UK’s entire trade policy agenda could be in jeopardy (

2014. Britain will face crisis in recruitment, warn City UK and EEF (

2013. UK gambling giant Bet365 moving to Malta post-Brexit; Gibraltar denies (

2012. Britain is the ‘laughing stock of Europe’ (

2011. Trust eroded by UK’s half-baked Brexit ideas for the Border (

2010. Support for Brexit falls sharply in Northern Ireland (

2009. Public health 'under threat' from Brexit, says Green MEP (

2008. New president of Chartered Accountants raises Brexit fears (

2007. Britons at risk of languishing for years in foreign jails when a key protection is lost, ministers warned (

2006. Jeremy Corbyn urged to clarify Labour's position on Brexit (

2005. Brexit blamed for dramatic fall in UK business registrations (

2004. Brexit could wreck green agenda, says UN (

2003. Devon voters now want to Remain in Europe, major new survey reveals (

2002. Philip Hammond admits Brexit vote means £122bn extra borrowing (

2001. Tory MPs prepare for snap autumn election as Theresa May hit by Brexit deadlock ( Running Commentary #41. 20 May 2018

2000. Sky Views: It's time to put Brits abroad out of their misery (

1999. Former Tory minister plans EU customs union rebellion (

1998. Brexit has become a farce, risking an outcome that will satisfy no one (

1997. 1,600 IT workers and engineers denied UK visas (

1996. It’s said Brexit is ‘not going to plan’. Did we ever have a plan? (

1995. Brexit risks never-ending standoff with Scotland and Wales (

1994. Theresa May will appoint 10 new peers to push Brexit laws (

1993. Theresa May Accused Of 'Cynical' Ploy To Bury News Of New Tory Lords Under Royal Wedding (

1992. EU transport official sounds warning on post-Brexit flights (

1991. TUC chief: '100,000 jobs under threat in the North-East because of Brexit' (

1990. Serious damage has been done thanks to Brexit (

1989. The EU tells Theresa May her Brexit border plan isn't good enough to secure a deal (

1988. PM set to nominate 10 Tory peers in attempt to overcome Brexit defeats (

1987. Brexit UK ‘risks falling to 20th in world in HE and research’ (

1986. Theresa May mocked as it emerges EU Withdrawal Bill may not be passed by the summer (

1985. Jeremy Corbyn mocks Theresa May over Brexit divisions in cabinet (

1984. Patients' access to vital medicines at risk unless government secures pharmaceuticals deal, say MPs (

1983. GU and iCUSU leaders throw support behind second Brexit referendum (

1982. UK missing deadlines for post-Brexit nuclear safeguards, leak shows (

1981. Who now can doubt that Jeremy Corbyn wants a hard Brexit? (

1980. No 'significant' progress made on negotiations since March, EU says (

1979. UK to tell EU it is ready to stay in customs union beyond 2021 – Telegraph (

1978. From royal table to bust: asparagus farmer could close over Brexit (

1977. Lords Savage Brexit Plan, Enraging Euroskeptics (

1976. Theresa May commits to 'future customs union' in PMQs misspeak (

1975. Red warnings for UK's post-Brexit nuclear safeguards (

1974. Sajid Javid has ‘not sufficiently addressed’ flaws with EU citizens register, says Guy Verhofstadt (

1973. Fresh blow for Theresa May as EU Withdrawal Bill suffers its fifteenth defeat in the Lords (

1972. Trump Plan To Hike Drug Costs Proves NHS ‘At Risk’ In Post-Brexit UK-US Trade Deal, Labour Warns (

1971. UK government suffers new Brexit defeat as Lords demand environment safeguards (

1970. UK plunged into constitutional crisis as Scottish Parliament rejects key Brexit law (

Running Commentary #40. 16 May 2018 1969. Theresa May pledges to publish white paper with 'precise explanations' on key aspects of Britain’s post-EU vision (

1968. Shoppers desert UK high streets, putting more jobs at risk (

1967. Britain's nursing union just demanded a second referendum on Brexit (

1966. Scottish parliament decisively rejects EU withdrawal bill (

1965. Thomson Reuters is moving one of its businesses from London to Dublin because of Brexit (

1964. Our ‘hostile environment’ towards migrants only exists with public consent (

1963. Theresa May's Brexit plans are 'undeliverable' warns former head of UK civil service (

1962. Brussels presses UK for progress on post-Brexit Irish border (

1961. Theresa May couldn't deliver a pizza, never mind Brexit (

1960. No significant progress made on any issue in negotiations since March, says EU (

1959. Brexit is like watching a train crash in slow motion (

1958. Brexit rebels could trigger a general election (

1957. Brexiters are running away from the consequences of what they have inflicted on Britain (

1956. In some respects the Brexit referendum was a violation of human rights (

1955. David Miliband has joined a cross-party bid to prevent a hard Brexit (

1954. The incontinent fury of the Brexiters who rage against everything British (

1953. Why Brexit means diminished British weight in the world (

1952. Students plan summer of defiance in push for ‘people’s vote’ on Brexit (

1951. One million students join calls for vote on Brexit deal (

1950. Brexit, austerity and ‘hostile environment’ have made Britain racist, says UN expert (

1949. Nurses from EU face annual £600 fee for own NHS costs after Brexit, leaders warn (

1948. London’s dithering means messy ‘no deal’ Brexit still possible (

1947. UN inspector: Brexit, immigration reforms and austerity have made Britain more racist (

1946. British Staff Working For The EU Feel They Are Being Shunned By The UK Government (

1945. Jeremy Corbyn must change course on EEA, says Lord Kinnock (

1944. MoD is billions short for new ships and jets after losing control of costs (

1943. I suspect that Brexit is driving me mad - but I will not shut up (

1942. Brexit ‘not working out as thought,’ says Tory Brexiteer Dan Hannan, calls for moderate withdrawal (

1941. Theresa May sets up cabinet teams to thrash out rival customs plans (

1940. Government's preferred Brexit scenario will leave UK public finances £615m worse off a week (

1939. BT to cut 13,000 jobs as it tackles bloated legacy (

1938. Lords deal 13th Brexit defeat on government by voting to keep key aspects of single market (

1937. Labour peers force May to give MPs vote over single market plans (

1936. Jeremy Corbyn hit by huge Lords rebellion as peers back Norway-style Brexit (

1935. May suffers defeat in House of Lords over plans to leave EU single market (

1934. Loss of EHIC could prevent dialysis patients from travelling (

1933. Hard Brexit will create more social anger than staying put (

1932. Ex-Cabinet minister Nicky Morgan blasts 'toddler' pro-Brexit Tories (

1931. Fear and Loathing: How the eurosceptics have blown Brexit talks wide open (

1930. At least 1,000 highly skilled migrants wrongly face deportation, experts reveal (

1929. I’m mortified to learn that the UK has become such an unwelcoming home for its non-British citizens (

1928. How can a government which perpetrates the Windrush scandal be trusted with Brexit? (

1927. Is the fear of Brexit driving a financial exodus justified? (

1926. Brexit department has worst transparency record in government (

1925. Local elections: 4,000 people turned away from casting their ballot in voter ID pilot (

1924. Mayday! How Theresa May has been trapped by her enemies and her friends (

1923. Labour’s Brexit fudge may have worked once. But it can’t go on (

1922. Theresa May warned 'you'll lose' over customs union (

1921. Brexit Breach: Labour Data Was Shared With Leave EU And Cambridge Analytica (

Running Commentary #39. 05 May 2018

1920. The EU believes Theresa May's 'unstable' government could collapse before Brexit (

1919. Peers defeat Government for tenth time on EU Withdrawal Bill over N Ireland (

1918. Post-Brexit port checks could disrupt fresh food supplies, say freight bosses (

1917. Government 'deported 7,000 foreign students after falsely accusing them of cheating in English language tests' (

1916. LinkedIn study shows UK losing workers to EU (

1915. Brexit Failure Looks More Likely Every Day (

1914. Brexit result has been thrown into question by the Cambridge Analytica data scandal, says Tory MP (

1913. Theresa May is playing a risky game by pledging to overturn the Lords' decision on Brexit (

1912. Sir Patrick Stewart: Yorkshire folk need to speak up and win People’s Vote on Brexit deal (

1911. Poll: Britons blame May more than Rudd for Windrush scandal (

1910. New Home Secretary Sajid Javid says Theresa May's 'hostile' immigration rhetoric is not British (New home secretary Sajid Javid says Theresa May's 'hostile' immigration rhetoric is not British (

1909. Liam Fox Admits Tories May Need To Rely On Labour To Push Through Brexit Plan (

1908. The Telegraph asks for Brexit poems and it all goes wrong (

1907. Rudd's resignation signals major blow for May (

1906. "Jaw-dropping" £300 billion negative swing in foreign investment flows since Brexit (

1905. Davis under pressure to disown criticism of civil service chief on Brexit (

1904. US farmers want to feed you hormone-injected beef (

1903. Mrs May’s attempt to muddle through Brexit is fast approaching crunch time (

1902. Six government departments have already spent £346million on Brexit between them - enough to pay for 6,310 nurses (

1901. Britain set to offer EU immigration deal 'very similar' to free movement (

1900. Guy Verhofstadt: Brexit will be delayed unless Britain makes further concessions to EU (

1899. Brexit Failure Looks More Likely Every Day (

1898. The obvious Brexit link in the UK's economic slowdown (

1897. UK economic growth collapses to just 0.1% in first quarter of 2018, new figures show (

1896. Brexit department fails to consult on technical solutions to Irish border (

1895. Construction plunge and Beast leave economy cold in first quarter (

1894. Amber Rudd admits Home Office set local targets for deportations (

1893. Theresa May ‘pleading’ with EU for City access to single market, Michel Barnier says (

1892. EU and UK citizens’ rights remain EP’s key priority (

1891. DUP threatens to bring down Theresa May's Government if it crosses Customs Union red line (

1890. Reuters Top 100: Europe's Most Innovative Universities – 2018 (

1889. David Davis: a man with the utmost confidence in his own limitations (

1888. 'Beyond belief': Brexit app for EU nationals won't work on iPhones (

1887. Brexit blamed as record number of EU nurses give up on Britain (

1886. Britons set to be charged €7 fee to visit EU countries under new Brussels plans (

1885. Theresa May says we're leaving the customs union – but this is why that won't happen (

1884. 'Question marks' hang over UK government’s plan to register EU citizens after Brexit, warn MEPs (

1883. UK’s Brexit economy is under-performing and vulnerable (

1882. Major study of 200k Brits reveals Remain would win in second referendum (

1881. Brexit May Freeze U.K. Out of Robotics, EU Digital New Wave (

1880. Take it from a former British EU negotiator—May will regret destroying trust in these negotiations (

1879. Government 'committed to leaving customs union', Theresa May insists (

1878. On Brexit, the views of the 48% must be respected too. That's democracy (

1877. Big Brexit Survey: Most voters think UK would benefit from staying in EU’s Single Market (

1876. Majority of people in Wales think we would be better off inside the European Union, survey reveals (

1875. Survey finds Remain would win second Brexit referendum (

Running Commentary #38. 22 April 2018 1874.Brussels cuts UK out of key role in approving new drugs (

1873.Could the Again on Brexit? The Prospects Are Rising (

1872.Border remains potential catalyst for a catastrophic Brexit outcome (

1871.Brexit-backing Butlin's boss blasted over foreign recruitment drive after campaigning for British jobs (

1870.British holidaymakers could miss out on compensation if flights are cancelled by Brexit (

1869.European Investment Bank pulls back on UK funding after Brexit (

1868.TUC chief: '100,000 jobs under threat in the North-East because of Brexit' (

1867.Rules of origin: the biggest Brexit problem you didn’t know about


1866.I have never seen as much passion for Europe in Britain as today (

1865.Britain insists on denying reality on the Border issue (

1864.“All the justifications for Brexit are being dismantled”—The MEPs fighting to stop British departure (

1863.EU rejects Irish border proposals and says Brexit talks could still fail (

1862.Expat can sue to overturn Brexit referendum (

1861.Brexit divorce bill could surpass £39bn, warns Whitehall watchdog (

1860.Theresa May's Brexit is being ruined by British democracy (

1859.Windrush isn't an anomaly – it is the product of deliberate and consistent behaviour, and it has scary implications for Brexit (

1858.Your right to equality is currently protected.After Brexit it won’t be (

1857.Theresa May: "We can deport first and hear appeals later" (

1856.PM immigration policies viewed in Whitehall as 'almost like Nazi Germany' (

1855.Young farmers wary of threat posed by Brexit (

1854.Brussels seeks emergency powers to prepare for hard Brexit (

1853.The Complete Failure Of The Brexit Project (

1852.May dealt embarrassing Brexit defeat in House of Lords (

1851.Theresa May suffers a major Brexit defeat on her plans to leave the customs union (

1850.Blow for Theresa May as peers vote for UK to stay in customs union after Brexit (

1849.Government suffers double defeat over key Brexit legislation - peers vote to keep customs union (

1848.No Brexit transition deal without solution to border issue, Donald Tusk warn (

1847.Theresa May’s shame: Home Office destroyed vital #WindrushGeneration data – then demanded it as proof of their right to stay in the UK (

1846.Ministers to announce Brexit climbdown as they face Lords defeat (

1845.Arron Banks staff worked on Brexit campaign, MPs told (

1844.Brussels cuts UK out of key role in approving new drugs (

1843.Each Brexit scenario will leave Britain worse off, study finds (

1842.Leave Campaign Admits Using 'Outrageous' And 'Provocative' Tactics During EU Referendum (

1841.Windrush scandal 'deeply worrying' for EU citizens who fear similar post-Brexit treatment, says Guy Verhofstadt (

1840.Government braced for Brexit defeats in the Lords (

1839.The zealots will sleepwalk us into Brexit if we let them (

1838.Vauxhall to 'terminate' entire dealership network as sales plunge (

1837.Chinese ambassador to EU: No UK trade talks without a Brexit deal (

1836.Brexit could hit 900,000 expat pensioners in the pocket (

1835.Lord Tyler: The impact of data misuse on the Brexit result must be uncovered (

1834.MPs from four parties jointly launch push for people's vote (

1833.UK car leasing costs driven up 9% in a year because of Brexit, research shows (

1832.Long List of Little Things (

1831.Nissan factory WILL close after Brexit, says Pro-European campaigner (

1830.Public opinion is shifting towards people’s vote on Brexit (

1829.'Was the Brexit poll compromised? We may need a public debate about that' (

1828.Remain groups team up to push for second Brexit vote (

1827.Running total of what Brexit has cost so far (

1826.11 new facts which mean we need a People’s Vote (

1825.The horrifying cost of not being in a customs union with the EU (

1824.Brexit Vote Leave campaign would face 'realistic chances of conviction', say government legal experts (

1823.'There will be no negotiation strands': Brussels crushes Davis hopes for detailed trade talks before Brexit (

1822.Lawyers believe the Brexit campaign may have deliberately broken electoral law (

1821.Jaguar Land Rover to cut output and jobs due to Brexit, diesel slump: source (

1820.Jaguar Land Rover 'to cut 1,000 jobs' in Solihull (

1819.Michel Barnier says Britain must stay permanently bound to EU regulations after Brexit if it wants a trade deal (

1818.Fewer cars, fewer shops and fewer bankers. Thanks Brexiters! (

1817.Green Brexit unlikely despite government claims, report concludes (

1816.The battle to stop Brexit gathers speed (

1815.Brexit and the Music Industry: Concerted Objections (

1814.Airbus warns hard Brexit will cause business to 'grind to a halt’ (

1813.Britons in France grill ambassador over post-Brexit rights (

1812.Thousands of EU nationals at risk of losing legal status in UK after Brexit, report warns (

1811.UK trade deficit widens to £6.4bn as non-EU exports decline (

1810.Nightclub scraps popular £1 a pint night and people cannot cope (

1809.Brexit ‘threatens equality of rights protected under Good Friday Agreement (

Running Commentary #37. 11 April 2018

1808. UK businesses face storm of flawed legislation as ministers rush through laws, warn experts (

1807. Sticking to EU rules 'vastly' more beneficial than creating UK's own, says business group (

1806. I am furious about Brexit, says Donald Tusk (

1805. EU to make UK sign guarantee it won’t slash environmental regulations on leaving (

1804. British investment in Portugal skyrockets “thanks to Brexit” (“thanks-to-brexit”)

1803. Netherlands goes all out to attract Brexit firms (

1802. Britons rushed for EU passports in Brexit vote year – data (

1801. Tories are using Brexit to get rid of human rights, warns Amnesty (

1800. Danish prime minister tells Theresa May Brexit will cause more bureaucracy and has a 'price tag' (

1799. UK lack of realism on Brexit becoming clear, says Hogan (

1798. Chlorinated chicken may be the least of our worries when it comes to signing a trade deal with Trump (

1797. Dutch roll out 'orange carpet' to woo post-Brexit business (

1796. Nearly 20 banks have committed to Frankfurt since vote to leave EU, German officials say (

1795. The Scottish government believes the Cambridge Analytica scandal could trigger a second Brexit referendum (

1794. Majority of UK SMEs want to reverse Brexit decision (

1793. Best for Britain's Eloise Todd: It's game on, says the woman fighting for another Brexit referendum (

1792. Brits are in denial about their diminishing importance (

1791. Why a second Brexit referendum is required by law (

1790. Brexit puts Britain at mercy of larger powers, David Miliband warns (

1789. Britain underestimates Brexit’s damage to Northern Ireland (

1788. The government accepts that a quarter of Devon farms could go bust post-Brexit as European subsidies are withdrawn (

1787. Contrary to popular assumption, most Britons living in the EU27 aren’t retirees (

1786. India in no 'rush' to sign a post-Brexit trade deal and will tell Britain to accept more migrants (

1785. Britons in Europe 'entirely in the dark' over post-Brexit status (

1784. Students get behind people’s vote on final Brexit deal (

1783. The Dangers of a Skeleton Brexit (

1782. Couple to cycle across Europe in Brexit vote protest (

1781. Students speak for Europe (

1780. Brexit will be disastrous for disadvantaged groups unless ministers takes urgent action, MPs warn (

1779. Brexiteers lied about citizens’ rights (

1778. Basically all of the models for leaving the EU are unworkable (

1777. Once again, Boris Johnson is a liability to Britain. Why is he still in the job? (

1776. Threat to fintech industry as young coders shun London over Brexit (

1775. Hundreds of jobs to go as smoked salmon producer to The Queen axes major Scottish processing plant (

1774. Holiday home Brits face Brexit shambles (

1773. Brexit deal should be judged a failure if businesses face ‘additional costs’ for EU trading, MPs warn (

1772. UK economy on the brink of collapse, Credit Suisse economist says (

1771. UK Economic Indicators, April 2018 (

1770. 'This myth about the irreversible nature of Brexit must be confronted' (

1769. Brits are in denial about their diminishing importance (

1768. Key Post-Brexit Trade Deals Could Take 26 Years, Warns New Analysis (

1767. The Tories promised to give expats the vote last year. It was a whopper (

1766. EU: Brexit 'no deal' will hit copyright and database owners (

1765. Who actually trades solely under WTO rules? (

1764. We could lose the right to urgent healthcare in the EU after Brexit (

1763. Where Britain stands on Brexit one year out (

1762. Australia to demand Britain accepts hormone‑treated beef (

1761. My plea to Britain’s young: fight for your Brexit rights (

1760. Why a hard Brexit Irish border would reopen a 'gaping wound' and wreck the Irish peace process (

1759. I worked for Vote Leave. We need a referendum on the terms of Brexit (

1758. 1 in 5 UK manufacturing jobs at risk because of Brexit: study (

1757. Japan says trade deal with EU is a greater priority than deal with UK (

1756. Of course the ultras are afraid: their Brexit now looks toxic (

Running Commentary #36. 2 April 2018

1755. Secret dossier shows what top firms REALLY think about Brexit, head office moves and EU workers (

1754. DUP MP warns of agri-food workers 'crisis' after Brexit (

1753. UK car production slumps 4% in February as industry demands 'frictionless' trade with EU (

1752. UK could have voted to stay in EU without Vote Leave 'cheating', Cambridge Analytica whistleblower tells MPs (

1751. How the Dutch will take Britain’s place in Europe (

1750. Samsung and Fujitsu pick France for new AI research centres (

1749. POLL: A majority of British people regret voting for Brexit (

1748. Brexit job loses to 29th March 2018: 106,245 (

1747. 1 in 5 UK manufacturing jobs at risk because of Brexit: study (

1746. Retail meltdown: Now Poundstretcher is in trouble (

1745. Think Brexit is bad for Britain? Don’t settle for just improving terms of our departure (

1744. UK companies and residents will be stripped of .EU domains after Brexit (

1743. City of London's top policeman warns Brexit will leave Britain 'on the back seats' of intelligence sharing (

1742. Young People Look At Brexit With Trepidation. The Government Should Be Listening, But It Is Not (

1741. The horror, the horror - Brexit, one year to go (

1740. Industry planning jobs cull to offset Brexit (

1739. 11 Brexit promises the government quietly dropped (

1738. Jacob Rees-Mogg urged to take down inaccurate Brexit article after coming under fire on Twitter (

1737. Remainers marshal their troops for battle against hard Brexit (

1736. (

1735. Michael Gove denies knowledge of Vote Leave 'spending breach' (

1734. Europe dumps 300,000 UK-owned .EU domains into the Brexit bin (

1733. Household spending hit six-year low in 2017 amid Brexit inflation (

1732. UK opposes new EU recycling targets despite May’s call for plastic crackdown (

1731. Brits won't be able to access UK Netflix in EU after Brexit (

1730. The case for freedom of movement must not be abandoned (

1729. 'I'm a British winemaker in France but Brexit puts my future at risk' (

1728. This man's explanation of why young people should stop Brexit is flooring people (

1727. Nine senior Tories want amendments to EU withdrawal bill (

1726. UK nationals and EU citizenship: References to the European Court of Justice and the February 2018 decisions of the District Court, Amsterdam (

1725. Article 50 countdown: Our predictions for the next year (

1724. Britain will be strongly in favour of staying in EU by 2021 (

1723. We have six months to foil Brexit. And here’s how we can do it (

1722. Disaster road: The Brexit Irish border plan and why it won't work (

1721. Brexit news latest: London at 'immediate risk' of £22 billion economic hit in the event of hard EU exit (

1720. Britain has the legal power to withdraw Article 50—it should use it (

1719. Trade partners could hit UK with tariffs next year (

1718. Car industry issues fresh Brexit warning as one-year countdown looms (

1717. Three top barristers conclude: 'Vote Leave committed crime on Brexit campaign' (

1716. Because of Brexit, the EU Youth Orchestra is moving from the UK to Italy (

1715. Media impartiality is a problem when ignorance is given the same weight as expertise (

1714. Businesses face unanswered questions a year from Brexit – sector by sector analysis (

1713. vettee Cooper: ‘This is about the integrity of the democratic process’ (

1712. Brexit official tasked with solving Irish border issue quits (

1711. Welsh expats 'still in limbo' after transition deal (

1710. Whistleblower claims 'Vote Leave' Brexit campaign was 'totally illegal' under referendum spending rules (

1709. David Davis has sick bucket on hand during BBC interview (

1708. Labour deputy Tom Watson doesn't rule out party backing second EU referendum (

1707. Thousands march against Brexit across Britain (

1706. Marchers call for vote on Theresa May’s Brexit deal at Ipswich pro-EU rally (

1705. Jeremy Corbyn is about to find out just how much goodwill he has with Remainers (

1704. More hubris from Davis on Brexit (

1703. How old ghosts are haunting Ireland (

1702. Brexit was making us a joke nation even before the blue passports (

1701. ‘Britain seems broken now’: faces from the Brexit exodus to Europe (

Running Commentary #35. 24 March 2018

1700. BREXIT DECONSTRUCTED: Toxic Rees-Mogg’s wonky tariff claims (

1699. Revealed: Brexit insider claims Vote Leave team may have breached spending limits (

1698. Labour plans alliance to stop 'hard border' (

1697. Migrant staff shortfall blamed on Brexit worries (

1696. Brexit Countdown: why remaining in Spain will be a massive pain after Brexit (

1695. Great Northern March: Organisers hail 'incredible' turnout in Leeds and say 'there's a lot to play for' (

1694. Great Northern March sees thousands take to the streets of Leeds - how the day unfolded (

1693. Thousands join one of biggest anti-Brexit rallies in north (

1692. Brexit campaign was ‘totally illegal’, claims whistleblower (

1691. Hundreds march in Leeds anti-Brexit protest (

1690. EU ‘supergirl’ on mission to stop Brexit (

1689. Inside the Secret Plot to Reverse Brexit (

1688. City jobs will start moving to Europe from next month (

1687. Brits seek Finnish citizenship at an unprecedented rate as Brexit looms (

1686. Does Britain have the pride to reject May’s tail-between-the-legs Brexit? (

1685. Home Office accused of ‘national humiliation’ after deciding new blue British passports will be made in FRANCE (

1684. Pro-Brexit JD Wetherspoon issues profit warning after being hit by rising costs (

1683. Post-Brexit passports set to be made by Franco-Dutch firm (

1682. David Lammy interview: The Tories a dead party walking (

1681. Green MEP says Brexit has created hostile environment for migrants (

1680. Treasury figures show how much the EU actually costs the UK (

1679. EU diplomats tell May to back down over post-Brexit Irish border (

1678. European Parliament votes to block ‘tax-haven Britain’ (

1677. Brexit Forensics: Playing chicken with the Channel Tunnel (

1676. Unilever CEO Paul Polman and three predecessors sign joint letter to employees present and past on EU referendum (

1675. AC GRAYLING: There are NO arguments against a second referendum (

1674. I’m fighting to ensure that the youth of today can be a part of the Europe of tomorrow (

1673. Baroness Hayter: Parliament must be 'able to hold Ministers feet to the fire' on Brexit deal (

1672. Unilever expected to pick Rotterdam over London for HQ (

1671. You will regret Brexit, Juncker tells the UK (

1670. Take it from a former British EU negotiator—May will regret destroying trust in these negotiations (

1669. Unilever finalise move to axe UK HQ (

1668. UK will be paying Brexit divorce bill until 2064 (

1667. EU relocates Galileo satellite system installation from UK to Spain (

1666. EU27 and UK citizens’ acquired rights in the Brexit withdrawal agreement (

1665. UK will keeping paying for Brexit until 2064 while the divorce bill will cost us £37.1bn warns Treasury watchdog (

1664. Why I’m helping to take David Davis to court over Brexit (

1663. UK will save no money from Brexit for next five years, says OBR (

1662. UK will be paying Brexit 'divorce bill' until 2064, says Treasury watchdog (

1661. Companies that support Brexit and the Companies that support the EU (

1660. Have voters changed their minds about Brexit? (

1659. David Davis hasn't visited Brussels for Brexit talks yet this year (

1658. Boris Johnson clashes with Emmanuel Macron over Brexit (

1657. French Brexit advert banned from Tube stations (

1656. People crossing Irish border would have to register in advance under plan being studied by Theresa May (

1655. Theresa May's Brexit plan to register millions of EU citizens risks descending into 'chaos' (

1654. Theresa May Just 49 Brexit Speeches Away From Having Brexit Plan (

1653. Empire strikes back: why former colonies don't need Britain after Brexit (

1652. New hi-tech Brexit plan does not cover agriculture and cannot avoid 'reality of a return to a hard border' (

1651. Unemployment in the UK is now so low it's in danger of exposing the lie used to create the numbers (

1650. No Brexit Deal Until Next Year, U.K. Officials Say Privately (

1649. Vince Cable to attack Jeremy Corbyn for 'claiming to speak for the poor' while backing Brexit (

1648. Sturgeon warns against ‘extreme Brexit ideological experiment’ (

1647. Leaked Tory WhatsApp messages reveal major party rift on Brexit ( Running Commentary #34. 10 March 2018

1646. Jeremy Corbyn Locked In Brexit Row With Pro-EU Arm Of Scottish Labour (

1645. Thomas Cook downplays risk of post-Brexit ownership break-up (

1644. Animal welfare protections won't survive post-Brexit (

1643. Will Gibraltar be Brexit's fall guy? (

1642. Lost trade will nullify Brexit dividend, UK government admits (

1641. Donald Tusk lays into London with both barrels on Brexit (

1640. MEP urges change in Brexit stance to keep jobs in county (

1639. Fears growing over Brexit disruption (

1638. Brexit study warns over chemical industry (

1637. Brexodus: The UK may leave the EU, but the EU may already be leaving the UK (

1636. Food and drink prices set to soar after Brexit (

1635. David Davis tells MPs Brexit will go ahead 'in all circumstances' (

1634. Is Brexit trashing your future? Here’s how to help stop it (

1633. Self-styled Mr Brexit takes aim at the UK (

1632. UK factories start 2018 in low gear, construction tumbles (

1631. UBS informs staff about Brexit relocation plans in memo: source (

1630. Brexit 'will make Britain poorer over 15 years under all possible scenarios', Government's impact report finds (

1629. Estonia Joins Race to Woo Broadcasters Mulling Brexit Move (

1628. Tusk plays down prospect of financial services being fully included in Brexit free trade deal - Politics live (

1627. Brexit opponents raise alarm over bleak impact analysis reports (

1626. Technology cannot make post-Brexit Irish border frictionless, says academic (

1625. EU may keep UK fishing rights, minister admits (

1624. Hammond: UK could reject any Brexit deal excluding financial services (

1623. Brexit is a cover up by UK Government for failures to tackle other issues, warns business chief (

1622. EU freezes Brexit talks until Britain produces Irish border solution (

1621. Calais 'could be 10 times worse than Irish border' after Brexit (

1620. Jeremy Corbyn should offer pro-EU hope, not more fears about Brexit (

1619. NHS will be 'decimated' as Theresa May's £50bn Brexit gamble is revealed (

1618. 5 charts from the secret Brexit impact study which show the damage threatened by leaving the EU (

1617. Six reasons behind the High Street crisis (

1616. John Lewis and Waitrose owner reports 77% profit plunge (

1615. Source of DUP donation to remain secret (

1614. The government has been accused of a "total betrayal" of EU nationals living in Britain who believed their future status had been secured post-Brexit (

1613. EU rejects Theresa May's trade plan and warns UK will suffer 'negative economic consequences' (

1612. UK's Brexit red lines will 'limit depth' of future trade deal – EU guidelines (

1611. Chancellor admits economy could fall off cliff end-2020 (

1610. 7,000 Nissan workers could lose their jobs if Theresa May gets Brexit wrong (

1609. Vauxhall chief warns of Brexit threat to Ellesmere Port (

1608. 'Don't let the Brexiteers strip us of our European citizenship freedoms' (

1607. May 'double cherry-picking' on Brexit, says leaked EU report (

1606. UK's trade with 70 countries will 'fall off a cliff edge' after Brexit unless Government acts urgently, MPs warn (

1605. Car boss fears production curbs widening (

1604. Roaming charges may be back after Brexit (

1603. Ryanair threatens to ground flights to make UK voters 'rethink' leaving the EU (

1602. Boris Johnson warned that violent Brexit rhetoric risks undermining EU talks and ruining Britain's reputation (

1601. Theresa May given fresh warning over EU deal for the financial sector (

1600. Brexit basket case: the British have forgotten how to deal with facts (

1599. Fintan O’Toole: British can’t deliver promises of frictionless trade (

1598. No matter what Gove says, Brexit will deal a hammer-blow to agriculture (

1597. May is leading the country towards a Brexit that she does not truly believe is in the national interest (

1596. Brexit isn’t worth it: announcements by Theresa May and Donald Trump in the last few days have made that much clear (

1595. Brexit brain drain: elite universities say they are losing future research stars (

1594. UK airlines urgently need transition deal, warns Philip Hammond (

1593. John Gummer attacks 'extreme Brexiteers' over the Northern Ireland peace process (

1592. EU Brexit adviser deals blow to Theresa May's free-trade proposal (

1591. UK shoppers keep on spending more on food as inflation bites – BRC (

1590. Ford calls for Brexit clarity to help it make UK investment decision (

1589. The five laws of Maybotics, rendered vaguely for Brexit (

1588. Guy Verhofstadt visits London to tell Theresa May she must produce 'credible proposals' (

1587. Airbus may leave UK unless there is urgent clarity on Brexit trade (

1586. Top EU lawyer warns Theresa May over 'dangerous' lack of realism in damning intervention (

1585. Airbus warns it may need to stockpile parts against Brexit (

1584. Discarded by Brussels & Westminster: Brits in Europe left stranded in Brexit talks (

1583. Claims Theresa May’s chief of staff leaked an explosive letter Boris Johnson sent to the PM highlight the toxic atmosphere in the cabinet. (

1582. EU set to expose differences with Theresa May in draft Brexit guidelines (

1581. Business must speak up, and save Britain from Brexit (

1580. We must strive to keep Brexit an ‘if’, not a ‘when’ (

1579. Home Office warned over plans to block immigration data access for EU citizens (

1578. Theresa May only has two Brexit options left: Capitulation to the EU or a second referendum (

1577. May fast turning UK into political eunuch (

Running Commentary #33. 4 March 2018

1510. May’s Cabinet Backs the Brexit Plan the EU Is Poised to Reject (

1509. Make up your mind on future trade deal or we’ll do it for you, EU tells Theresa May (

1508. Tory rebels warn of growing support to force Theresa May to keep UK in a customs union with EU (

1507. Tory rebels tell May: We’ll halt Britain’s exit from a customs union (

1506. Yet another fudge from Theresa May as Rees-Mogg circles (

1505. 3,200 jobs at risk as Toys R Us UK lines up administrator (

1504. Theresa May is preparing to make a major U-turn on EU citizens' rights ahead of Brexit (

1503. Chance of halting Brexit now close to 50:50, says leading campaigner (

1502. A dictionary of Brexitese (

1501. This drop in EU nationals proves Brexit will make the UK poorer (

1500. The Woman Who Produced "The Girl With All The Gifts" Left The UK Because Of Brexit (

1499. Boris Johnson 'said Brexit was a mess' during private meeting with German officials (

1498. Brexit blamed by Stockport smart meter firm intending to axe 288 staff (

1497. UK to lose EU rebate in 2021 'in extended Brexit transition' (

1496. Hundreds of doctors turned away from the UK since Brexit as 'insane' visa rules deepen NHS staffing crisis (

1495. Brexit blow for Theresa May before Cabinet meeting at Chequers (

1494. Brexit's impact on creel fishing industry 'catastrophic' with no trade deal (

1493. UK driving licences may no longer be recognised in Europe after Brexit, EU suggests (

1492. Theresa May accused of 'running scared' of Commons vote on UK staying in EU customs union (

1491. Stopping Brexit: ‘The kids don’t want what’s being forced on them’ (

1490. Anglo-Dutch bonds suffer the strain from Brexit (

1489. Team Brexit go to Chequers: who will survive Theresa’s away-day from hell? (

1488. Mark Carney: People are earning 3.5% less than we estimated before the EU referendum (

1487. Brexit could trigger 15-mile queues and make it easier for illegal migrants to enter UK, deputy Calais mayor says (

1486. UK Brexit negotiating has been ‘a shambles’ demonstrating ‘unpreparedness' and 'a lack of professionalism' (

1485. Why Brexit could be bad for your health (

1484. Britain asks EU to consider longer transition period (v

1483. Net migration from EU drops below 100,000 for first time since 2013 (

1482. Government's weak response over Euratom is worrying the medical sector (

1481. The casual dining crunch: why are Jamie’s Italian, Strada, Byron (and the rest) all struggling? (

1480. Brexit bill will 'substantially reduce human rights in UK', Amnesty International report warns (

1479. Top British coaches could quit sport over Brexit uncertainty, policy chief warns (

1478. UK unemployment rises at fastest rate in almost five years (

1477. PM to wine, dine and arm-twist warring Brexit cabinet at Chequers away-day (

1476. The world is clear-eyed about Brexit, and knows it must be reversed (

1475. Higher costs may lead to sporting events shunning Britain after Brexit

1474. Mount Brexit threatens to blow as May calls cabinet to Chequers (

1473. HSBC reveals $28m Brexit bill (

1472. Brexit will knock 5% off wage growth, says Mark Carney (

1471. May braced for Unilever decision on headquarters (

1470. The only way to beat the kamikaze Brexiters? Fight for no Brexit (

1469. The latest pro-Brexit analysis has got its sums badly wrong (

1468. Unemployment rises as working age Britons pay the wages of Brexit (

1467. May wants EU citizens to stay after Brexit (

1466. New red Brexit bus is on tour… and the statistic on the side is VERY different (

1465. Young entrepreneurs don't need the additional gamble of Brexit (

1464. At PMQs today, Jeremy Corbyn finally asked about Brexit – and he did it fearlessly (

1463. Tory MPs' hard Brexit letter to May described as 'ransom note' (

1462. Aviation cliff-edge: How Brexit is sabotaging a British success story (

1461. The European Parliament is to call for Britain to have 'privileged' single market access after Brexit (

1460. Corbyn Breaks Brexit Cover, Will Support a Customs Union With EU (

1459. Why Brexit is a double blow to the regions that voted to leave the EU (

1458. UK regulator warns lawmakers over post-Brexit market rules (

1457. 'UK needs public vote on Brexit terms' - youth campaign group OFOC (

1456. Sorry, Brendan O’Neill, but we won’t be no-platformed on Brexit (

1455. Campaigners to stop Brexit prepare 6-week advertising blitz (

1454. Dutch activate 'hard Brexit' plan and blame 'a lack of clarity' from the UK (

1453. There's 'no sense' UK seeking independent trade deals (

1452. Troubled electronics chain Maplin in talks to find buyer (

1451. Theresa May Won’t Win A Penalty Shoot-out With The EU By Treating Its Citizens Like A Political Football (

1450. Sadiq Khan urges London's EU citizens to punish Theresa May for 'Brexit chaos' in spring local elections (

Running Commentary #31. 20 February 2018

1449. New British party inspired by Macron seeks to overturn Brexit (

1448. Theresa May's ex right-hand man Damian Green insists voters have right to see full impact reports (

1447. Farming businesses 'could be wiped out after Brexit transition' (

1446. Thornberry dismisses calls for greater Labour members' say on Brexit (

1445. May's Brexit transition demand 'would demonise EU citizens' (

1444. Theresa May’s made a hash of Brexit and now the door is open to a second referendum (

1443. Alastair Campbell: McDonnell must move Corbyn on Brexit (

1442. The trade delusion: why Brexit won’t be Britain's salvation (

1441. ‘The UK food industry must not be sold down the river’ – Norfolk farming leader’s plea on Brexit trade talks (

1440. Iain Macwhirter: Brexit has created havoc in Northern Ireland (

1439. Labour will win the next election if it becomes the party of Remain (

1438. The Brexiter elite are lining up their excuses, but it may backfire on them (

1437. Migrant adult social care staff 'add £4.4bn to English economy' (

1436. Neil Kinnock warns Jeremy Corbyn: ‘Stop Brexit to save the NHS’ (

1435. Brexit shock begins to hit the UK car industry (

1434. Security cannot be bargained for a trade deal, Jean-Claude Juncker warns Theresa May (

1433. Road to Brexit? It leads to Remain (

1432. A hard-Brexit think tank accidentally published its plans for US-UK ‘shadow trade talks’ (

1431. Fidelma Cook: The madness of Brexit - a view from France (

1430. Ferry crossings to town’s port are scuppered by Brexit vote (

1429. Revealed: rightwing groups plot to ditch EU safety standards on food and drugs (

1428. Ed Balls says small businesses are worried about Brexit (

1427. Theresa May told at international conference second Brexit vote would not be matter of ‘national shame’ (

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1425. Theresa May to warn EU not to put ideology before citizens' safety (

1424. Brexit deal delay could put NHS patients at risk, Tory MP warns (

1423. IMF tells Brexiteers: The experts were right, Brexit is already badly damaging the UK's economy (

1422. UK retail sales significantly undershoot forecasts as inflation and Brexit bite (

1421. Businesses are floundering while Whitehall dithers on immigration (

1420. Wrightbus: Up to 95 jobs under threat (

1419. Theresa May and Michel Barnier fooled British public to hide ‘REAL’ £90billion Brexit bill, EU chiefs claim (

1418. Nursing staff from the EU must stay or the NHS faces a ‘Brexit disaster’ (

1417. Layoffs Arrive in Brexit Britain, and Auto Workers Are Up First (

1416. Brexit expected to lead the UK into recession within two years, investor survey says (

1415. Business leader warns May against harsh immigration policy (

1414. Boris Johnson makes an energetic but unconvincing case for Brexit (

1413. Ferry crossings to town’s port are scuppered by Brexit vote (

1412. Boris Johnson could have healed the national rift, but he thought only of himself (

1411. Brexit immigration plan delays are fuelling anxiety, MPs warn (

1410. Can any of us believe a word Boris says? (

1409. The 8 oddest moments from Boris Johnson's 'Brexit unity' speech (

1408. Retailers suffer worst footfall and spending for half a decade (

1407. EU could cease to recognise UK driving licences after Brexit! Here’s what Brits might have to do to keep driving in Europe (

1406. Brexit speech: Jean-Claude Juncker accuses Boris of talking 'total nonsense' (

1405. European Union grows at fastest pace for 10 years (

1404. That Boris speech: What he said and what he really means (

1403. Eurozone economy storms ahead in sharp contrast to Brexit-hit UK (

1402. Boris Johnson's defence of Brexit was incoherent mush (

1401. Boris Johnson denounced ahead of major Brexit speech: 'Why are we taking him seriously?' (

1400. Boris Johnson’s big idea on Brexit is just preposterous (

1399. Theresa May is prepared to bring forward Brexit day to December 2020 (

1398. Brexit is leading a vital but unglamorous industry to its death (

1397. The stage is set for Brexiteers’ stab in the back myth (

1396. Daniel Hannan admits “Project Fear” forecasts were correct (

1395. Scottish soft fruit industry ‘may lose out to Portugal’ thanks to Brexit (

1394. Brexit wiped out £7.7bn of business investment, says Bank of England (

1393. Police warn of criminal ‘free for all’ post-Brexit without European arrest warrant (

1392. We young people did not vote for Brexit and we won't let the Tories hijack our future (

1391. British farmer moves fruit-growing to China over Brexit uncertainty (

1390. BANK OF AMERICA: Theresa May's Brexit plan is 'not possible' — and here's the Venn diagram that proves it (

Running Commentary #30. 11 February 2018

1389. Rebel Tory MP Anna Soubry thinks "the people" of Britain might stop us leaving the EU (

1388. Brexit "already being felt" warn farmers and food industry (

1387. Theresa May to 'set out more detail' on Brexit plans in major speech next month, Downing Street says (

1386. The Observer view on Theresa May’s weak leadership over Brexit (

1385. Since this government can’t govern, parliament must take charge of Brexit (

1384. Creditors push through plans to close 12 Jamie Oliver restaurants (

1383. As Britain Stumbles Over ‘Brexit,’ Support Grows for 2nd Vote (

1382. Honda will leave the UK if Government fails to secure access to EU market (

1381. Government “cancelled” Brexit meeting with Barnier because ministers are ‘too busy arguing’ (

1380. Theresa May spent £1,000 delivering Article 50 letter to Brussels (

1379. No-deal Brexit would trigger wave of red tape for UK drivers and hauliers (

1378. Brexit will deconstruct Britain’s industries (

1377. Barnier and Davis wage war of words over Brexit transition claims (

1376. Lack of migrant workers left food rotting in UK fields last year, data reveals (

1375. Britain to tell the world ‘Brexit does not mean Brexit’ (

1374. Northern Ireland will stay in single market after Brexit, EU says (

1373. Ministers admit almost 65 existing trade deals with non-EU countries are ‘at risk because of Brexit’ (

1372. Davis Davis attacks 'unwise' EU after punishment threat (

1371. Japan warns Theresa May its giant firms will quit UK if botched Brexit makes it 'unprofitable' to stay (

1370. Brexit EU Citizenship Rights of UK Nationals and the Court of Justice (

1369. Theresa May’s plan for ‘immediate’ break with EU after Brexit (

1368. Brexit Britain at risk from food shortages, rising prices and lower animal welfare standards, hears Lords committee (

1367. Tory minister refuses BBC interview about damning Brexit forecast he claimed didn’t exist (

1366. Brexit: Huge economic cost of leaving EU outlined in government study as May insists she has 'no doubts' (

1365. Ministers back removing EU citizens’ right to work in Britain after Brexit (

1364. Boost from trade deals will not cover losses, Brexit leak reveals (

1363. The activists who are still fighting Brexit (

1362. New Brexit leak of Government analysis reveals steep costs for UK industries (

1361. Hard Brexit would cost public finances £80bn, says secret analysis (

1360. Theresa May berated by UK business leaders over lack of Brexit clarity (

1359. Theresa May refuses to exclude NHS contracts from US trade deals (

1358. Impact on UK regions revealed in Brexit leak (

1357. EU toughens Brexit transition demands (

1356. Brexit: Britons' citizenship case to be taken to European court (

1355. Revealed: The devastating effect Brexit will have on the West Midlands economy (

1354. Row as PM refuses to rule out NHS inclusion in post-Brexit US trade deal (

1353. Brexit: Official forecasts suggest economies throughout UK will be hit (

1352. Tory Trade Minister battered over Brexit in car-crash interview (

1351. European Court of Justice asked to rule on whether UK nationals can keep EU citizenship after Brexit (

1350. Theresa May refuses to exclude NHS contracts from US trade deals (

1349. Uncertainty prompts hundreds of Brits go Dutch after Brexit vote (

1348. Michel Barnier warns UK of 'unavoidable' post-Brexit trade barriers (

1347. Poll: Jeremy Corbyn Will Haemorrhage Votes To The Lib Dems If Labour Backs Brexit At Next Election (

1346. Theresa May and ministers gather for key Brexit meeting (

1345. Unsettled status is too high a price for Brexit (

1344. We will use sanctions to punish you, says Brussels (

1343. Business chiefs warn Theresa May their ‘patience is wearing thin’ over Brexit (

1342. Brexit Bulletin: Delaying the Inevitable (

1341. Foreign leaders think UK has 'lost the plot' by pursuing Brexit, says a former head diplomat (

1340. New party aiming to stop Brexit launches tour of UK's towns and universities (

1339. Britain tells business: We cannot guarantee your Brexit future (

1338. Government 'too slow' in preparing for Brexit, report warns (

1337. Brexit could cut manufacturing exports by a third, experts warn (

1336. Fresh Brexit Row As Jacob Rees-Mogg Warns EU's 'Punishment Plan' Is Unacceptable (

1335. Brexit cost calculator (

1334. The Guardian view on trade with the EU: not just politics (

1333. Jacob Rees-Mogg and the shadowy group of Tories shaping Brexit (

1332. Boris Johnson plans EU speech for Valentine's Day to bring warring Tories together (

1331. EU to have power to punish UK at will during transition (

1330. This Dysfunctional, Leaderless Government Is Leading Us Toward A Bleak Brexit (

1329. Britons' personal stories needed for new Brexit book (

1328. Theresa May Is Undermining Citizens’ Rights (

1327. MPs will not get chance to vote against Brexit, Scottish court told (

1326. Brexit legislation 'strikes a dagger to my soul', says ex-civil service chief (

1325. Rest assured, when Brexit bombs, it won’t be the fault of the Tory right (

1324. May Is First Among a Cabinet of Incompetents – Her Days As PM Are Numbered (

1323. Theresa May to fight EU transition residency plan (

1322. MEPs renew pledge to protect citizens' rights (

1321. Fruit and vegetables left to rot in fields after fall in farm workers from the EU after Brexit vote (

1320. Ex-top civil servant likens Tory Brexiters to snake oil sellers (

1319. Talk of an economic nirvana from Brexit is just a lot of hot air (

1318. This Brexit mess cannot go on. Theresa May must stand down now (

1317. May will not sack Brexit minister over claims of civil servants' bias (

1316. Britain’s imperial fantasies have given us Brexit (

1315. Ex-Treasury minister says Brexiteers are seen abroad as ’emotional nutcases’ (

1314. Theresa May has picked yet another Brexit fight she cannot win – on EU citizens’ rights (

1313. Brexit Deconstructed: Government would be £1.6bn worse off every week after hard Brexit (

1312. Theresa May signals she will pursue Brexit at any cost - and insists she won't quit (

1311. ‘Auntie May’ lost in China (

1310. Think-Tank Dismisses Minister's Suggestion It Claimed Civil Servants Are Trying To Sabotage Brexit (

1309. Liam Fox: Post-Brexit trade deals 'some time away' (

1308. May’s anti-immigration obsession is threat to country (

1307. Brexit ministers pummelled after rough week in La La Land (

1306. By Not Allowing Full Freedom Of Movement Theresa May Will Create Two Classes Of EU Citizens (

1305. Warning of 'utter chaos' if May ends EU free movement next March (

1304. Ryanair to put Brexit clause in summer 2019 tickets (

1303. Dutch case over Britons’ EU rights could have profound consequences (

1302. EU is refusing to budge on post-Brexit financial services (

1301. The EU has set out what will happen on customs if there's no Brexit deal (

1300. Hundreds of M&S jobs at risk in UK shake-up (

1299. Bank of England chief warns of headwinds ahead for UK economy (

1298. Migrant night workers ‘should be welcomed after Brexit’ (

1297. Leaked forecast of economic woe inflames UK Brexit debate (

Running Commentary #29. 31 January 2018

1296. Investment in UK car industry halves in 2 years

1295. Major new report on Brexit and public opinion reveals a divided UK

1294. Backlash mounts at Brexit minister's 'insulting' comments

1293. Tory Minister Phillip Lee Says Leaked Brexit Analysis Raises 'Serious Question Over Quitting EU

1292. Gibraltar can veto parts of Brexit deal it doesn't like, chief minister say

1291. Brexit minister's claim Brexit forecasts always wrong insulting - union bos

1290. Tory MPs claimed £315,000 of taxpayer’s money to fund secretive hard-Brexit pressur group

1289. Analysis: What round two of the Brexit talks mean

1288. Labour vows to force Government to publish secret Brexit reports laying bar economic damage

1287. We can stop Brexit if voters demand the final say

1286. UK ‘Worse Off After Brexit Whatever The Deal’, Whitehall Analysis Finds

1285. Eurozone: EU economies grew at fastest rate in a decade in 2017, latest figure show

1284. Construction giant enters the red after Brexit vote

1283. Brexit would damage UK growth, says leaked cabinet report

1282. Angela Merkel humiliates Theresa May over Brexit talks

1281. The economic case against Brexit is now unarguable

1280. Angela Merkel 'ridicules Theresa May's Brexit demands during secret press briefing

1279. MPs, party donors and Brexit report pile pressure on the PM

1278. Secret data show Britain worse off under all Brexit scenarios

1277. Cost of British passport to increase

1276. Brexit could cause energy shortages and higher gas and electricity bills, say Lords committee

1275. The Government's Own Brexit Analysis Says The UK Will Be Worse Off In Every Scenari Outside The EU

1274. MPs demand ‘urgent investigation’ into Cabinet ministers' support for hard-Brexi lobby group

1273. German ambassador: second world war image of Britain has fed Euroscepticism < href="">

1272. UK Citizens Ask Dutch Court to Protect Post-Brexit EU Rights

1271. The Lords has the right to ask the Commons to reconsider Brexit

1270. Conservative MP: Tories are letting Britain down

1269. British government warned of legal action over DUP deal by campaigners

1268. Mount Tory is ready to blow over Brexit – and May can’t stop it

1267. UK given warning over outstanding divorce issues

1266. UK Firms Will Move Abroad If Brexit Trade Deal Not Agreed Soon, Lords Warn < href="">

1265. Week in review: Reality is tearing the Tories apart on Brexit

1264. Andrew Lansley, Peter Lilley and Andrew Mitchell ride Brexit gravy train < href="">

1263. Fresh pressure for Theresa May as Brexit battle moves to Lords

1262. Have your say: Should there be a second EU referendum?

1261. UK must leave EASA after Brexit, says EU

1260. Freedom? We have a great deal of that inside the EU

1259. Former WTO head Lamy: 'Brexit is like trying to get an egg out of an omelette

1258. The EU cannot save Britain from itself

1257. Sticking plaster that held Brexit talks together about to be prised off

1256. Davos: the latest humiliation in Britain’s rolling cycle of indignity

1255. 'Brexit is going to be damaging,' says IFS chief Paul Johnson, it 'just has t make us worse off'

1254. Theresa May is coming home to Brexit’s toxic transatlantic trade-off

1253. A diplomat who negotiated the world's largest trade deal says the hardest par of Brexit negotiations are still to come

1252. UK considers asking Brussels for a longer transition period

1251. The American Dream is Over. This is the Age of the European Dream

1250. Theresa May fuelled a hard-right Brexit.. now Labour needs to commit to stoppin it

1249. Ken Clarke: We should stay in the customs union

1248. British officials in secret discussions with Brussels to extend Brexit transitio period to almost three years

1247. Cambridge University, AstraZeneca and Cancer Research UK warn of their concern as Brexit Committee visits Cambridge

1246. EU Rights Clinic Calls for Further Protections of Citizens' Rights in Phase of Brexit Negotiations

1245. Goldman Sachs close to making irreversible moves from UK to Europe, says CE Lloyd Blankfein

1244. Potential impact of Brexit report published

1243. Brexit: Britons favour second referendum by 16-point margin – poll

1242. Tory Brexit splits laid bare at highest level despite David Davis insisting there' 'no difference' in the Cabinet

1241. Ghost towers: half of new-build luxury London flats fail to sell

1240. 'No deal' Brexit could put more than 2.5 million jobs at risk, study warns < href="">

1239. Theresa May Arrives in Davos as U.K.’s Post-‘Brexit’ Slide Continues

1238. Theresa May fuelled a hard-right Brexit.. now Labour needs to commit to stoppin it

1237. Theresa May’s new Brexit strategy: jump first, argue later

1236. Theresa May disowns Hammond's Davos remarks as MPs rebel over Brexit

1235. Tory MPs considering coup against May as frustration builds

1234. Is Theresa May actually incapable of making a meaningful speech?

1233. Hammond calls for a very modest Brexit divorce

1232. David Davis ridiculed over Brexit exchange: 'He backtracked more times than mountaineer with no map'

1231. UK sick pay legislation is in breach of EU law

1230. Seven in 10 UK workers are 'chronically broke', study finds

1229. JP Morgan boss in new warning on Brexit job losses

1228. MPs won't have 'full details' of EU deal when they vote on it, Philip Hammon reveals

1227. Theresa May fuelled a hard-right Brexit.. now Labour needs to commit to stoppin it

1226. Tony Blair: Brexit will diminish UK's position on the world stage

1225. Chuka Umunna: Ministers are acting like 'second-hand car salesman' in their attemp to pass off Brexit to UK

1224. Brexit costs £200m every week in lost growth, says Carney

1223. EU plans tight limit on UK aviation freedoms and ejection from air-safety agenc

1222. UK opposes strong EU recycling targets despite plastics pledge

1221. Liam Fox's International Trade department is not fit to secure post-Brexit deals warns report

1220. 'We can't live with this uncertainty' over Brexit: Lloyd's CEO

1219. David Davis inadvertently makes the case for stopping Brexit after fresh embarrassmen

1218. Jeremy Hunt admits supply of EU cancer drugs to Britain could be disrupted i Brexit talks break down

1217. Brexit Britain is Hotel California for EU citizens – if we want to stay we ca never leave

1216. Hammond dismisses Johnson's talk of post-Brexit NHS dividend

1215. Brussels could pay EU nationals' application fees to stay in UK

1214. Brexit threatens European social progress – leftwingers must speak up

1213. Much-needed foreign doctors consider leaving U.K.

1212. Britons go to Dutch court over EU rights after Brexit

1211. UK has already 'agreed in principle' with EU to Norway-style transition

1210. UK shelves financial services Brexit position paper

1209. Why the UK’s juvenile Brexiteers can’t see what’s staring them in the face < href="">

1208. Global Optimism Bypasses U.K. Yet Again in Latest IMF Upgrades

1207. Business leaders push for new campaign to reverse Brexit

1206. Brussels decision comes after the relocation of the European Medicines Agenc and the European Banking Authority to Amsterdam and Paris respectively

1205. Jaguar Land Rover to drop production because of ‘Brexit uncertainty’ and diesel confusion‘brexit-uncertainty’-and-diesel)

1204. Jaguar Land Rover to cut production at Halewood

1203. We are being deceived by ministers about the Brexit negotiations – my trip t the European Council in Brussels proved it

1202. UK jobs at risk as EC warns on safety standards post-Brexit

1201. UK economic growth for 2019 downgraded by IMF amid Brexit uncertainty

1200. We Cannot Take This Government's Word That Our Rights Will Be Protected Throug Brexit

1199. We've seen enough to know Theresa May can't change. She must go

1198. SMEs may be worst affected by Brexit, research suggests

1197. Hard Brexit 'like blowing up a bridge', Canada warns UK

Running Commentary #28. 21 January 2018

1196. Why Britain’s juvenile Brexiteers can’t see what’s staring them in the face < href="">

1195. Major projects in Wales 'are burning at the altar of Brexit'

1194. Three traps for the UK on the road to Brexit

1193. Theresa May hints she would now vote to stay in the EU

1192. Britain risks losing green protections after Brexit

1191. Evidence not ideology: Why a customs union is best for Britain

1190. UK must stay in customs union with the EU after Brexit, British industry grou warns

1189. Britain’s tired old economy isn’t strong enough for Brexit

1188. NHS nurse: ‘I’m leaving UK because of Brexit abuse’

1187. Macron Calls Brexit Referendum A 'Mistake'

1186. Netherlands will block post Brexit trade deal if UK doesn't 'firmly tackle' ta avoidance, says deputy PM

1185. 'Not everything is about you Great Britain'

1184. Dutch-Based UK Nationals Reportedly Challenge Post-Brexit EU Rights in Cour

1183. New poll predicts British people would vote to scrap Brexit in a second referendu

1182. Macron Dismisses 'Special' Brexit Deal As 'Hypocrisy' In Blow To Theresa Ma

1181. Brexit Deconstructed - A dummies guide to trade

1180. Voters should be able to change their minds on referendums, says Speaker < href="">

1179. Britain wants comprehensive trade deal with EU – May

1178. Theresa May hints she would now vote to stay in the EU

1177. Carpetright share price plummets 45% after it delivers second profit warnin in just two months

1176. McVitie's Digestives packets to shrink by seven biscuits due to rising cost post-Brexit

1175. EU relocates Galileo satellite system installation from UK to Spain

1174. Brexit is frittering away UK’s global leadership

1173. The three-stage plan to stop Brexit

1172. Health expert brands Johnson's 'extra £350m for NHS' claim 'misleading untruth

1171. MPs vote against including European fundamental rights charter in UK law < href="">

1170. Is Brexit to blame for Carillion?

1169. The view from Brussels: how do think tanks in Brussels see Brexit talks unfoldin in 2018?

1168. Thirty cross-party MEPs urge David Davis to keep Charter of Fundamental Right

1167. Why I helped bring the Dutch case over Britons’ EU rights

1166. UK citizens ask Dutch court to protect post-Brexit EU rights

1165. Brexit: Britons take EU rights bid to Dutch court

1164. UK citizens ask Dutch court to protect EU rights post-Brexit

1163. UK citizens ask Dutch court to protect post-Brexit EU rights

1162. UK citizens ask Dutch court to protect EU citizenship rights after Brexit < href="">

1161. UK citizens ask Dutch court to protect post-Brexit EU rights

1160. Britons tell Dutch court their EU rights cannot be removed

1159. UK citizens ask Dutch court to protect post-Brexit EU rights

1158. UK citizens ask Dutch court to protect EU rights post-Brexit

1157. Amsterdam court will rule in 3 weeks on British EU citizenship claim

1156. UK citizens ask Dutch court to protect EU rights post-Brexit

1155. British expats legal battle: UK nationals go to Dutch courts to secure post-Brexi rights

1154. Britons go to Dutch court over EU rights after Brexit

1153. Brits take fight for post-Brexit rights to Dutch court

1152. Britons go to Dutch court over EU rights after Brexit

1151. Expats are going to court in a bold bid to save millions of Brits' EU citizenshi rights after Brexit

1150. UK citizens ask Dutch court to protect post-Brexit EU rights

1149. UK citizens ask Dutch court to protect EU rights post-Brexit

1148. Brexit news: Brits launch Netherlands court bid to keep EU citizenship right in case that could impact one million ex-pats

1147. Britons in Netherlands take fight for their EU rights to Dutch court

1146. Brits in the Netherlands go to court to fight for European citizenship

1145. Jersey Royal potatoes 'could be left rotting in fields' due to lack of EU worker

1144. Brexit Britain will have to get used to life as a ‘third country’

1143. Brexit is a collective English mental breakdown

1142. Now that negotiations are moving on there is a danger that citizens' rights will be sidelined

1141. In radically changing world, we need our close EU ties

1140. Westminster Brexiters ignore Scotland at their peril

1139. Brexit is hampering UK productivity, says Bank policymaker

1138. New minister contradicted promise that rights would not be lost after Brexi

1137. The most important Brexit detail you’ve never heard of

1136. Sturgeon accuses May of 'dereliction of duty' on Brexit

1135. MPs launch fresh Brexit challenge to force Government to stay in the single marke

1134. Home Secretary Amber Rudd speech on foreign workers treated as 'hate incident by police

1133. Hard Brexit 'would cost Scots £12.7bn'

1132. Johnson fears 'waste of time' watered-down Brexit – report

1131. Boris Johnson would 'rather stay in' the EU than accept a soft Brexit

1130. Trump row could kill off swift post-Brexit trade deal, says former UK envoy < href="">

1129. Carillion blames Whitehall upheaval after Brexit vote for orders fall

1128. Red alert on Brexit risks to financial services given by City of London Corporatio

1127. Brexit prompts tumble in number of Irish students going to UK

1126. UK economy should expect a £54 billion hit by 2030 due to Brexit, according t the initial set of taxpayer-funded assessments

1125. Brexit talks latest: EU to target UK tax haven territories as trade negotiation begin

1124. UK government's Brexit impact assessment 'shameful' says Sturgeon

1123. We had a lot on our plate already: Brexit was the last thing we needed

1122. Labour warn Theresa May's policy 'in tatters' after Eurosceptic MP who trie to block a transition deal appointed to Government

1121. My friend David Davis once defended liberty. Now he has become its enemy < href="">

1120. Brexit bill leaves a hole in UK human rights

1119. Hammond and Davies to return empty-handed from Berlin

1118. Fresh Brexit fears as study shows international students worth £160million t Aberdeen economy

1117. Theresa May mocked for suggesting Tories to thank for credit card charge ba imposed by EU

1116. Fears of Brexit drain as more EU27 ambulance staff quit the NHS

1115. Britain Does Not Have Too Many Migrants. Britain Has Too Many Bigots

1114. Jaguar Land Rover to create 150 jobs at a new engineering centre in Shannon < href="">

1113. UK and Spain hold first Brexit-related Gibraltar talks

1112. Philip Hammond: Brexit trade deal without services not ‘realistic’ for UK < href="">

1111. Schism in UK Brexit team as new talks loom

Running Commentary #27. 15 January 2018

1110. Rebel Labour MP calls on party to make 'game-changing' Brexit move

1109. Keeping freedom of movement is the top Brexit priority for young people

1108. Voters would favour Remain in second referendum, finds poll

1107. This is A C Grayling’s ultimate guide to defeating Brexit, and why the EU i worth fighting for

1106. Brexit could see UK economy lose £54bn by 2030, Sadiq Khan's impact papers war

1105. UK could lose half a million jobs with no deal, says Sadiq Khan

1104. Brexit handing the high street to Germany's Lidl as Sainsbury's is put in th shade

1103. No, David Davis, it’s not the EU putting UK businesses at risk

1102. Revealed: 87,000 jobs at risk in London in no-deal Brexit scenario

1101. Theresa May's £39bn Brexit divorce bill to be investigated by auditors to establis if it is 'reasonable'

1100. City of London suffers 'alarming' drop in job vacancies

1099. A figure buried in a government report points to a potential Brexit catastroph

1098. Brian May has launched a blistering attack on Theresa May and Brexit

1097. What a ‘no deal’ Brexit would mean for key UK industries

1096. Brussels warns UK companies of shutout in event of no-deal Brexit

1095. Brexiteers trying to make a point to Michel Barnier inadvertently gave him hamper of pro-EU gifts

1094. EU wants citizens to keep UK residence rights in transition period

1093. What Theresa May doesn’t want you to know about her reshuffle

1092. Dragons' Den star Theo Paphitis says UK Government hurting high street

1091. More EU academics leave UK universities amid Brexit worries: report

1090. Shambolic reshuffle could help stop Brexit

1089. British public will get 'second chance' on Brexit, new Remain campaign chie says

1088. Brexit bill may have broken international environment law, says UN

1087. EU damaging UK interests with plan for no-deal Brexit, says man preparing U for no-deal Brexit

1086. EU surprised by UK's surprise over EU 'no deal' Brexit plan

1085. MSPs: EU Withdrawal Bill 'incompatible with devolution'

1084. Brexit Custom Laws Could ‘Slash Human Rights’

1083. David Davis attacks EU’s ‘damaging’ no-deal Brexit planning

1082. The Tory trade bill would usher in the worst bits of TTIP – it must be stoppe

1081. Instead of bringing back control to Parliament from the EU, the Government i plotting another power grab

1080. Brexit is infantilism based on delusions of lost greatness

1079. Theresa May to ‘create a dozen new peers to see through Brexit bill’‘create-dozen-new-peers-see-through?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=MON-FRI+Breakfast+Briefing++Events+box+copy&utm_content=MON-FRI+Breakfast+Briefing++Events+box+copy+CID_a815ebaff17f00f06a624720694064f8&utm_source=Email+newsletters&utm_term=Theresa+May+to+create+a+dozen+new+peers+to+see+through+Brexit+bill)

1078. EU would help UK abandon withdrawal plans if country changed its mind, says Chuk Umunna

1077. Cabinet reshuffle: Theresa May warned not to tilt to hard Brexiteers by appointin ‘no deal’ minister

1076. Accepting Brexit At Any Cost Would Be The Ultimate Coup Against Democracy < href="">

1075. Fears of disruption to flow of medicines means UK must stay under EU regulation say government figures

1074. VAT will be the next Brexit headache for thousands of British businesses < href="">

1073. With the NHS, reality has finally caught up with Theresa May

1072. Brexit, the NHS and Britain’s slide into a cultural cesspit

1071. Half Of Civil Service Think Government Is 'Trashing National Interest' On Brexit Says Andrew Adonis

1070. UK to seek free trade agreement covering goods and services, says May

1069. Brexit legislation to give Government sweeping powers to water down human right and equalities laws, MPs warned

1068. Beijing signals end of China-UK ‘golden age

1067. May clears way for copycat customs union with Europe

1066. UK charities will lose £258m of EU money after Brexit. Where's the plan? < href="">

1065. Europe to hand out free Interrail train tickets to 18-year-olds

1064. More than 2,300 EU academics resign amid warning over UK university 'Brexodus

1063. 'Scottish Government and SNP will lead charge to stop hard Brexit'

1062. ‘We can't be quiet’: Gruffalo co-creator and fellow illustrators respond to Brexi

1061. Britain has made itself a Brexit straitjacket

1060. UK companies will face huge new VAT burden after Brexit

1059. Brexit to swallow £70m meant for developing cancer drugs, says GSK

1058. More than 2,300 EU academics resign amid warning over UK university 'Brexodus

1057. We can stop Brexit. But we’ll need some help from across the Channel

1056. Boris Johnson sparks government split over call for Brexit stamps

1055. Six reasons why a referendum on the deal won’t hurt our bargaining position < href="">

1054. Nick Clegg accuses May of a 'scandalous dereliction of democratic duty' on Brexi

1053. Brexit drags on UK services firms in December, finds survey

1052. Britain 'would be booming' if it wasn't for Brexit, Mark Carney says

1051. Holyhead will be one of the biggest losers from Brexit

1050. UK exports outside EU fall despite weak pound

1049. Why Can’t Remainers “Just Accept Democracy”?

1048. Statistics show that Daily Mail was by far the most unreliable UK paper in 201

1047. Hard Brexit would ‘cost £400 billion, wipe 18% off GDP and cause a recession

1046. Britain not ready for trade talks, warns our own commissioner

1045. Colman’s Mustard to close Norwich factory and move to Germany after 160 year

1044. Labour peer declares he wants to 'sabotage Brexit' as poll reveals 78% of Labou members back second referendum

1043. Brexit Secretary David Davis hints UK may never leave the EU

1042. Former leader of Camden Conservatives joins Lib Dems, cites Brexit

1041. Businesses ‘dismayed’ at Brexit division in Westminster

1040. Government tried to silence me, says Lord Adonis

1039. Brexit is a 'nationalist spasm': Lord Adonis resigns as infrastructure tsar < href="">

1038. Adonis on Brexit: ‘No mandarin backs May. Government has broken down’

1037. Former Treasury minister launches into 'clueless' Brexiteers and 'ludicrous Boris Johnson

1036. Shadow Brexit Secretary To Force Vote on Protecting Charter of Rights

1035. Survey shows majority of UK Labour grassroots members favour second Brexit vot

1034. Experts in Stoke-on-Trent, known as Britain’s Brexit Capital, predict sharp ris in race hate crimes when we leave EU

1033. Philip Hammond refuses to rule out UK staying in 'a customs union' after leavin EU

1032. Labour members reject leadership on second Brexit vote: poll

1031. As Liam Fox and Priti Patel moan about bias against Brexit, I'm left wonderin if Brexiteers will ever be satisfied

1030. Alex Cunningham quits Labour frontbench over Jeremy Corbyn’s Brexit policy < href="">

1029. Brexit is already undermining Britain's global brand

1028. Why it’s not too late to step back from the Brexit brink

1027. Tony Blair: timid Labour risks becoming handmaiden of Brexit

1026. Brexit - What We Now Know

1025. Michael Gove forced to plough £10bn into farm grants after Brexit

1024. Liam Fox’s Pacific plan is toxic. Post-Brexit trade policies need proper scrutin

1023. Labour Party grassroots support second Brexit vote – survey

1022. A close reading of David Davis’ delusional Telegraph piece on Brexit

1021. How Brexit could affect London businesses that work overseas

1020. See 20 years of fake news about EU by UK press

1019. Brexiteers in Theresa May's Cabinet are 'clueless' about economics, says forme Tory Treasury minister

1018. MPs and peers join growing queue for an Irish passport

1017. Still time to 'offer people the choice of an exit from Brexit' says Sir Vinc Cable in New Year's message

1016. This is how Brexit can be stopped in 2018

1015. Tory Liam Fox has flown around the world 8 times in fruitless quest for trad deals

1014. Legal action by Scots politicians to reverse Brexit gets go-ahead

1013. Globetrotting Fox flies 200,000 miles chasing May’s Brexit dream

1012. The Road to Reversing Brexit: Three Ways the U.K. Could Take It All Back < href="">

1011. It’s a mistake to sneer at centrists. Adonis’s stand on Brexit shows why < href="">

1010. Ministers Cannot Name A Single Country That Asked UK For A Post-Brexit Trad Deal

1009. ‘I will not put any party before my country.’ Peers get ready to scrutinise Brexi‘i-will-not-put-any-party-my-country’?utm_campaign=crowdfire&utm_content=crowdfire&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter#38474832-tw#1514463215022)

1008. Port of Rotterdam reveals scale of Brexit challenge

1007. UK must pay for French ports after Brexit, Macron to tell May

1006. Home Office admits it is struggling to recruit staff to register EU national

1005. Emmanuel Macron ‘will force Britain to pay for the cost of setting up custom posts at Calais after Brexit’

1004. What MPs really think about Brexit, the Northern Powerhouse and business < href="">

1003. Port of Rotterdam reveals scale of Brexit challenge

1002. Beyond Blue Passports: UK/EU immigration after Brexit

1001. Why Brexit keeps drugmakers up at night

Running Commentary #26. 28 December 2017

1000. UK workers face zero real-wage growth over 2018

999. Banks’ Brexit moving costs are seen topping $500 Million each

998. Theresa May’s great global nation faces Brexit reality

997. EU will stay united by holding City hostage

996. West Midlands Mayor Andy Street stresses need for access to single market and custom union

995. UK youth perspectives and priorities for the Brexit negotiations

994. How ready is the UK for Brexit?: 22%

993. Philip Hammond urged to publish Treasury's Brexit impact studies

992. The Observer view on enfeebled Britain’s place in the world

991. George Osborne: I didn’t want the EU referendum in the first place

990. Angry Leavers must accept that ‘hard’ Brexit died on election night

989. A Labour government wouldn't be as bad as Brexit, claims Heseltine

988. Brexit has already damaged Britain's global brand, Sir Martin Sorrell says

987. Warnings of post-Brexit price rises unless UK can copy EU trade deals

986. UK house price growth to slow dramatically in 2018, say experts

985. Archbishop of Canterbury denounces 'populist leaders that deceive'

984. A letter to leave supporters

983. Brexit studies were 'being prepared' a year before Davis said they didn't exist < href="">

982. The Brexit struggle awaiting Theresa May in 2018

981. In 2018 I Hope The Masks Drop And People See The Real Agenda Behind Brexit

980. Government facing High Court challenge to cancel Article 50

979. David Davis’s Secret Brexit Reports Ridiculed As ‘Wikipedia-Lite’

978. Too late, Theresa: Brexit offer to EU citizens leaves many cold

977. Warning over post-Brexit business standards

976. Backlash over Liam Fox’s ‘total secrecy’ UK-US trade talks

975. Liam Fox’s department signs deal to keep trade talks secret

974. Politicians dismiss return of blue passports as ‘insular nonsense’

973. Thatcher aide dismisses blue passports as a ‘nostalgic’ Brexit stunt

972. Read more a

971. David Davis branded a 'charlatan' as critics blast 'copy-and-paste' Brexit impact reports

970. David Davis’s garbled reports show we still don’t know the true cost of Brexit

969. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) is recruiting 1,200 extr staff to cope with Brexit

968. UK cabinet ministers 'concerned over Brexit campaign tax demands'

967. We need to talk about those who would gain from a hard Brexit )

966. Commission proposes to improve transparency and predictability of working condition

965. The EU vote ignored Ireland, but the UK can still change its mind

964. Britain's passport blues reveal Brexit for what it is — a crushing defeat for the U

963. ‘I regularly see rickets’: diseases of Victorian-era poverty return to UK

962. Official Brexit reports ‘wouldn’t be fit for GCSE’

961. Blue passports could have been introduced without Brexit, Government admits

960. EU dismisses May's claim blue passports are sovereignty statement

959. Brexit could be halted in second referendum as support grows for a vote

958. Theresa May wants a ‘new’ Internet monitored by the government

957. Britain has a delusional view of itself on the global stage – and stupid remarks b our politicians prove this

956. Legal action to see whether UK could unilaterally stop Brexit gets go-ahead

955. While Brexiteers wave their blue passports with pride, the sensible lot will be hidin it in shame

954. Blue passports could put UK citizens at back of queue, EU officials sa

953. Post-Brexit plan to spend £500m 'bringing back blue passports' is already under wa

952. Proof that part of Brexit impact assessment was actually copied and pasted from Wikipedi

951. Theresa May accused of trying to block 'meaningful vote' on Brexit deal won by MPs < href="">

950. Civil service reports on Brexit are criticised for padding and plagiarism

949. I’m proud to be a Conservative Brexit ‘traitor’. We had to take back control

948. Gulf in expectations for next phase of Brexit talks widens

947. Shock as Daily Express discovers Brexit is bad

946. ‘There’s no life here’: a journey into Britain’s precarious future

945. The Disastrous Brexit Plan You Knew Nothing About

944. Too late, Theresa - Brexit offer to EU citizens leaves many cold

943. Britain and EU clash over status of Gibraltar under transition deal

942. Why is Theresa May protecting the DUP's dirty little (Brexit) secret?

941. 12 things Brexit has already ruined

940. Hard Brexit “cliff edge” could cost Scotland £30 billion

939. "Absolute bloody shambles": Scottish businesses abandon hope in UK Government's Brexi negotiations

938. Rupert Murdoch accused of enjoying ‘astounding access’ to Downing Street

937. The people of Swansea have changed their minds on Brexit, according to their MP < href="">

936. Damian Green: First Secretary of State sacked after pornographic material found on parliamentar computer

935. The government has finally handed in its Brexit homework. I’d give it a D

934. The people of Swansea have changed their minds on Brexit, according to their MP < href="">

933. Parts of UK that voted Brexit are most exposed to its effects, report says

932. Too late, Theresa - Brexit offer to EU citizens leaves many cold

931. Frozen out: Brexit set to lay waste to Edinburgh's financial services industry

930. All that's left for May to get through is the unyielding wall of reality

929. Home Office urged to stop ‘harmful’ immigration checks on bank accounts by more tha 60 MPs and campaign groups

928. Letters: Lies, damned lies and the Brexiters’ statistics

927. Gloomy Brexit forecasts for UK are coming true, says IMF

926. Schoolboy error from dim David Davis

925. A QUARTER of people who voted Brexit believe they were duped by Leave campaign

924. Britain and EU clash over status of Gibraltar under transition deal

923. The DUP will not have to name the source of a £425,000 donation it spent campaignin for Brexit

922. Brexit will cause loss of influence on scale of 1970s, says ex-MI6 chief

921. NHS hospitals unable to fill thousands of vacant posts, Labour says

920. Iain Duncan Smith says British business will just have to 'get by' with harder EU trad after Brexit

919. Brexit is about the rich Rees-Moggs of Britain, not anyone else

918. Labour warns of NHS 'disaster' as 100,000 jobs across organisation lie empty

917. Exodus of Foreign Workers Leaves British Employers in the Lurch

916. The Guardian view on Theresa May and Brexit: time to get off her fantasy island < href="">

915. UK cannot have a special deal for the City, says EU's Brexit negotiator

914. Theresa May refuses to guarantee EU rules for 48-hour working-week limit will surviv Brexit

913. Watch out, the Brexiteers might be coming for your paid holidays

912. Your Christmas turkey could be chemical-filled if UK agrees on post-Brexit trade deal

911. Don't bank on Trump for post-Brexit trade, says Clinton

910. Brexit being created is not what they were offered

909. The real price of Brexit begins to emerge

908. Call off Brexit bullies or face defeat, Conservative peers tell May

907. The lunatics have taken over the asylum…

906. Michel Barnier: “They have to face the consequences of their own decision”

905. The Tory rebels are emboldened by their success. They won’t stop now

904. Outnumbered, defeated … where next for the diehard Brexiters?

903. Britain must 'face the consequences' of Brexit, EU negotiator Michel Barnier warns a he rules out striking a unique deal in the trade talks

902. Scotland's business leaders overwhelmingly condemn Brexit

901. Legal bid to stop Brexit to be formally launched

900. Call off Brexit bullies or face defeat, Tory peers tell Theresa May

899. Exodus of Foreign Workers Leaves British Employers in the Lurch

898. Britons now back Remain over Leave by 10 points, exclusive poll shows

897. Shadow of the Jo Cox murder looms large in the hysteria of the right wing Brexit coverag

896. UK will retain EU rules during transition, says Hammond

895. This English Town Backed Brexit. Now the Poles Are Leaving

894. EU to force firms to reveal true owners in wake of Panama Papers

893. Theresa May accepts EU plan to postpone real trade talks until March

892. Tony Blair: ‘The whole country has been pulled into this Tory psychodrama over Europe

891. 37 Spanish nurses quit hospital amid Brexit fears, claims MP

890. 'Tell Us What You Want!' Italian Minister Cranks Up Pressure On May Over Brexit < href="">

889. UK public are becoming more pessimistic over economic impact of EU withdrawal, find Bank of England

888. Cabinet Office rule out investigation into David Davis trips involving RAF flights < href="">

887. After this week, I refuse to believe that Brexit is unstoppable

886. Irish PM blames Brexiteers for Irish border problems

885. Has there ever been a prime minister so unmoved by what anybody thinks?

884. Number of homeless families up by almost 1,000 in three months, new figures reveal < href="">

883. Eurozone GDP growth forecasts 'substantially' upgraded by ECB as Brexit Britain se to struggle

882. Davis rebuked over Brexit impact papers but not held in contempt

881. Hundreds of thousands of EU nationals 'may not get right to stay in UK'

880. Tory Brexit rebels inflict major defeat on Theresa May

879. 'I have no choice but to become French.. Britain after Brexit is no longer my country

878. EU sends stark warning to airlines on post-Brexit flying

877. David Davis has 'undermined trust' in Brexit deal – EU

876. David Davis has damaged trust in UK, says Verhofstadt

875. Has Theresa Nay unwittingly accelerated the breakup of Great Britain?

874. UK will be worse off under almost all Brexit scenarios, finds think tank

873. City of London will lose 10,500 jobs on day one, says EY

872. Two thirds of young people want Brexit abandoned, new poll says

871. 'Double disaster': Brits in France left furious over UK's Brexit deal on citizens' right

870. David Davis faces calls to resign after admitting he's done NO impact assessments o Brexit

869. David Davis accused of 'total dereliction of duty' after he reveals Brexit impact assessment 'don't exist'

868. Theresa May left hanging by DUP masters after they refuse to sign off on Ireland deal

867. Fears grow over EU university funding as grants decline even before Brexit

Running Commentary #25. 4 December 2017

866. Britain to be kicked out of Europol against its will

865. Furniture maker Multiyork enters administration, putting 500 jobs at risk

864. Boris Johnson is being actively undermined by officials within his own department ove Brexit negotiations

863. £50bn to leave the EU. What an unforgivable waste of money

862. Why the PM will have to repeal her own EU Withdrawal Bill

861. Special relationship? Theresa May discovers she has no friend in Donald Trump

860. UK's cheapest Christmas dinner will cost 18% more than last year

859. OECD raises alarm over UK consumer debt

858. Strip away the layers and Brexit becomes ever more murky

857. 'Hostile environment': the hardline Home Office policy tearing families apart

856. British meat exports to EU set to fall by 90% in 'hard Brexit' scenario, report warn

855. Ministers could trigger new vote to avoid full release of secret Brexit papers

854. Collapse or retreat are the only options left for ministers

853. Airbus outlines Brexit risks to UK facilities

852. Study Proves Strong Link Between Xenophobia and Voting for Brexit

851. Oakedene Farm, Maidstone, struggles to recruit fruit pickers

850. Xenophobia found to be strong predictor for Brexit vote regardless of age, gender, o education

849. Hard Brexit would hit 142 Irish cross-border agreements

848. Meat Industry Faces the Chop on No-Deal Brexit

847. MPs attack David Davis for handing over edited Brexit reports

846. Irish border dispute could stall Brexit talks, says leader of MEPs

845. Nissan could make future models in the EU after Brexit, warns academic

844. May has agreed to pay the EU more to win talks on a trade deal, but the figure will not be put in writing

843. Brexit-charged inflation bites into Christmas shopping

842. Eight Reasons Why The Government Should Publish The 58 Brexit Sectoral Studies

841. Irish warn Theresa May: change course or risk Brexit chaos

840. Johnson & Johnson pulls plan for first UK research centre

839. Liam Fox’s fantasy of tariff-free future may collide with zombie reality

838. Australia knocks UK Brexit trade plan

837. Robert Peston: 'I’m not saying Britain is finished, but our current problems are no a blip'

836. UK’s ex-EU ambassador: ‘No final trade deal possible before Brexit’

835. New evidence emerges of Kremlin meddling in Brexit referendum as Theresa May says 'hostile Russia trying to tear Europe apart

834. US Farmers Using Double The Amount Of Antibiotics Of UK Industry, Stoking Post-Brexi Food Safety Fears

833. UK airlines risk losing flying rights, says leaked Brexit paper

832. UK faces two decades of no earnings growth and more austerity, says IFS

831. £72 BILLION: The cost of Brexit is already turning Britain into a second-rung natio

830. Border issue most likely to scupper Brexit deal, warns UK think-tank

829. Budget outcome shows we need exit from Brexit strategy now more than ever

828. Brexit has created a political climate no budget can fix

827. Britain's debt will not fall to 2008 levels until 2060s, IFS says in startling warnin

826. Brexit 'bombshell' for UK's European Capital of Culture 2023 plans

825. Budget 2017: Stagnant earnings forecast 'astonishing'

824. Worst growth in decades pushes Philip Hammond to inject £25bn into economy

823. UK facing longest fall in living standards for over 60 years, finds think tank

822. UK officially falls out of world’s top five economies, Government admits

821. Government needs to be more honest about prospect of hard Border

820. The laughing stock of Europe

819. Gibraltar heading fo abrupt exit from single market, says Spain

818. London restaurant boss feels 'betrayed' by staffing crisis sparked by Brexit

817. European dismay at UK 'chaos and confusion' over Brexit

816. Erasmus loss post-Brexit 'would be massive' in Wales

815. More Extra Money Has Been Found For Brexit Than The NHS

814. UK universities 'face disaster within weeks' without clear Brexit plan

813. Where Brexit Hurts: The Nurses and Doctors Leaving London

812. Five-A-Day Could Become Unaffordable For Millions

811. Airbus boss says Brexit risks losing UK aviation's 'crown jewels' to China

810. The Tories have voted that animals can't feel pain as part of the EU bill, marking th beginning of our anti-science Brexit

809. Marques concerned over lack of Brexit IP negotiations

808. Extra customs checks at ports could take place 'inland'

807. There’s no such thing as a soft Brexit – it will bring economic hardship to the UK whatever its shape

806. Brexiters are their own gravediggers

805. Towns That Voted Leave At Risk Of Losing Out Most From Brexit, Labour MPs Say

804. Belief that customs system will be ready for Brexit ‘borders on insanity’

803. Welcome to banana republic Britain

802. Head of Theresa May's policy unit resigns

801. EU to move key agencies from London to France and Netherlands when UK leaves, Brussel announces

800. European Medicines Agency to leave Canary Wharf for Amsterdam

799. It's Frankfurt … and Paris: Goldman Sachs names post-Brexit hubs

798. Dozens of organisations join forces to issue ‘save our EU rights’ plea ahead of Brexi Bill battle

797. UK banks will lose 'passporting rights' after Britain leaves EU, Brussels says

796. After Brexit, the UK’s old-fashioned economy will lose its clout

795. Brexit food price hike fears as Tories fail to study impact on family budgets

794. Brexit Is Already Costing You Hundreds More Every Year, Experts Say

793. UK aerospace industry issues warning over lack of Brexit trade deal

792. Five-a-day eating targets 'will be unaffordable for millions after Brexit'

791. David Davis demanded the RAF fly him to Brexit negotiations

790. Tory-supporting papers split over whether or not UK should offer another £20bn to E

789. Scotland among hardest hit as Brexit costs each worker a week's wages

788. Households are more than £800 worse off after Brexit-induced inflation, study says < href="">

787. A QUARTER of people who voted Brexit believe they were duped by Leave campaign

786. Britain's chief trade negotiator backs scrapping UK regulations to get deals

785. EasyJet dives as Dame Carolyn McCall's take-off for ITV looms

784. Home Office admits it is struggling to recruit staff to register EU nationals

783. Hard Brexit highly damaging, says former top civil servant

782. Fruit grower left 150 tons of raspberries, worth just over $1 million, to rot on th bush in June with too few labourers to pick produce

781. Brexit threatens to 'undermine the peace process' if Northern Ireland hard border installed John McDonnell warns

780. David Milliband said the UK should keep the option to back out of Brexit

779. Brexit ‘will see more unionists consider Irish unity’ - O’Neill

778. A. C. Grayling: ‘Brexit is starting to look a lot like a coup’

777. Theresa May adviser warns EU withdrawal could be ‘the moment we finally failed as great nation

776. David Davis just revealed how badly the Brexit talks are going

775. U.K. Chemicals at risk from Brexit-driven investment cuts

774. Irish PM Leo Varadkar: Britain asking for too much in Brexit negotiations

773. We shouldn’t even be contemplating leaving the single market

772. Honda and other carmakers warn of ‘semi-catastrophic’ U.K. output halts after Brexi

771. Conservatives risk being seen as party of ‘nostalgia, hard Brexit and lazy privilege’ warned Theresa May’s policy chief

770. European economies set for best year in a decade – apart from Britain

769. 'This is a genuine crisis': The 'cliff edge' moment coming for Britain

768. British foreign secretary is either clueless about Border or doesn’t give a damn < href="">

767. Dominic Grieve: To tie ourselves to a Brexit date is both pointless and dangerous < href="">

766. BALPA says a Brexit ‘no deal’ would spell disaster for UK aviation‘no-deal’-would-spell-disaster)

765. The EU is ready to offer Britain a Canada-style Brexit deal — and it could be terribl news for the City

764. Russia used Twitter bots and trolls ‘to disrupt’ Brexit vote

763. A Brexit no-deal would aid terrorism in the UK and across Europe

762. Brexit threatens UK's reputation for scientific research, watchdog says

761. Rolls Royce warns Brexit will cause supply chain kinks

760. Honda UK warns MPs of consequences of leaving EU customs union

759. Brexit squeeze on living standards drags on for eighth month as real wages fall agai

758. Brexit Could Turn UK Into An 'Old People's Home' Warns Influential Tory MP

757. Brexit trade talks to be pushed back by another four months, Merkel ally says

756. Aston Martin warns it could have to stop making cars if Brexit talks fail

755. Honda UK warns MPs of consequences of leaving EU customs union

754. Soaring food prices put Brexit squeeze on millions in Christmas run-up

753. Dover faces massive queues if customs system not completed by date of Brexit

752. One in five European NHS doctors plan to quit UK, survey reveals

751. Brexiteer John Redwood Slammed For Advising Wealthy To 'Get Money Out Of The UK' < href="">

750. The government is ignoring advice on EU citizens’ rights that could save a Brexit deal

749. EU business leaders tell PM: agree Brexit deal or face collapse in confidence

748. UK’s Brexit bill should be ‘at least €60 billion,’ says Tajani

747. The political crisis we face is of gargantuan scale

746. Sadiq Khan calls for urgent action to stop drain of European builders

745. Dismally led, adrift and isolated, how will Britain find a place in the world?

744. EU: ‘Tories putting party before the interests of Northern Ireland’

743. British MEPs €6m 'golden goodbye' when UK leaves EU to be added to Brexit bill

742. A recruitment agency in Bognor are struggling to replace their eastern European worker

741. The Observer view of Britain’s shambolic Brexit negotiation

740. New warning hard Brexit will cost Greater Lincolnshire over £4 billion in five year

739. Restaurants fear Brexit will turn boom to bust

Running Commentary #24. 14 November 2017

738. Poll finds strong support for Brexit reversal

737. More revelations suggest Russia interfered in UK’s Brexit vote

736. Brexit presents only a landscape of pain

735. MPs given stark Brexit warning – UK-based car makers could leave

734. Humber MEP backs Article 50 author Lord Kerr and says Brexit can still be stopped < href="">

733. UK must offer concessions within two weeks to ensure Brexit progress

732. Irish Border Throws Unexpected Hurdle Into Brexit Talks

731. Crops rotting in Cornish fields due to sharp fall in migrant labour says Cornwall Council in appeal to government

730. Honda says it could not absorb 10% tariff after Brexit

729. Halfords knocked by weak pound

728. Devolved administrations are being kept in the dark over Brexit negotiations

727. EU cuts UK growth forecasts due to Brexit uncertainty

726. Fifty banks are preparing to move to the European continent

725. Theresa May loses second cabinet minister in a week

724. Theresa May Criticised For Partying With Daily Mail's Paul Dacre Amid Government Turmoil

723. A rushed and ramshackle power grab – MPs and unions condemn Tory trade bill

722. As Brexit slowly judders into reality, civil servants are leaving in droves

721. Why the Tories are terrified of releasing the Brexit impact papers

720. Wall St banks warn Trump team over rising fears of Brexit chaos

719. Voter confidence in UK handling of Brexit ebbs away - ORB poll

718. Ford’s Europe president: We could leave the UK because of Brexit

717. Exclusive poll shows public has lost faith in Theresa May’s handling of Brexit negotiation

716. Chancellor warned again of threat to public finances from Brexit uncertainty

715. Brexit minister admits sector impact assessments don’t exist

714. We’ll be at the back of the queue for global trade deals

713. ECB's Nouy says almost 50 banks considering post-Brexit relocation, source

712. Brexit prompts Japanese insurer to shift Europe unit out of UK

711. UK business demands Brexit clarity but May provides none

710. Staffing alarm as tenth of EU nurses leave

709. Bank of England believes Brexit could cost 75,000 finance jobs

708. Fears for patient safety as Brexit threatens free flow of medicines

707. Trump adviser Ross says UK-US trade deal will mean scrapping EU rules

706. EU citizens leave toxic Britain in their droves

705. EU tells Britain it’s living in ‘fantasy land’ over hopes for a ‘basic’ Brexit deal

704. Most of UK's fruit and veg is from other EU nations 'so Brexit impact may be dramatic

703. Brexit could threaten the future of Death in Paradise warns show’s creator

702. UK car sales in October down for seventh consecutive month

701. Prominent Brexiteer John Redwood advises investors to avoid Britain

700. 'Zero chance' leaving EU will make Britons better off, Nobel laureate economist Paul Krugman says

699. May consigns UK to slow lane by burying her head in sand

698. Brexit is an “humiliation”, says David Miliband as he calls for second referendum < href="">

697. Most EU firms plan retreat from UK suppliers: CIPS

696. UK-EU supply chains begin to break amid Brexit trade fears

695. Mark Carney Says 'Brexit Effect' Has Stopped Economy From 'Booming'

694. Bad Brexit deal could stop Bank of England cutting interest rates, Mark Carney warn

693. Nearly 9,000 nurses could be hired with cash now being spent on Brexit civil servant

692. Lord Deben tells Suffolk conference ‘countryside will be significantly poorer’ afte Brexit

691. UK firms want a Brexit transition deal by March

690. Brexit Brain Drain: Professionals Wave Goodbye, Head to Europe

689. Brexit vote derailed £150m tyre factory

688. 55% of foreign businesses with British interests believe Brexit will have negative impac – Poll

687. Interest rate rise could compound people’s money problems’s-money-problems-says)

686. 'No deal' Brexit could add £930 a year to UK shopping bills

685. French commerce lobby chief: Business braced for ‘catastrophic’ Brexit

684. Damage caused by Brexit to the NHS deepens

683. The Brexit vote has caused a significant rise in prices, especially food

682. Dire warning that Brexit will leave Cornwall without farm and tourism industry staf

681. Food is rotting in the fields and still we see no action', NFU deputy warns

680. Irish foreign minister says Brexit promises 'undeliverable'

679. European nurses and midwives leaving UK in droves since Brexit vote

678. Bank of England official warns 10,000 jobs will be lost on day one of Brexit

677. Take back control is becoming a sick joke

676. First interest rate rise in 10 years adds to UK mortgage burden

675. The rise in interest rates indicates that we are heading for a Brexit-induced economi meltdown

674. London's property market to be worst hit after Brexit as houses prices plunge

673. Why business is beginning to panic about Brexit

672. No EU trade deal before Brexit deadline, says Government official

671. Brexit having a 'noticeable impact' warns Bank of England governor as interest rate hit by first rise in a decade

670. Prepare for the worst with Brexit, former WTO chief warns businesses

669. MORGAN STANLEY: Theresa May's government will collapse in 2018, triggering a fresh general election

668. EU nurses 'turning their backs on UK'

667. Germany overtakes UK as top location in Europe for real estate investors: study < href="">

666. Bank Brexit staff moves likely to prove ‘irreversible’ – warning

665. Government loses vote on publishing Brexit impact assessments

664. UK personal insolvencies hit five-year high in gloomy sign for economy

663. Nationwide warns of big Brexit hit to housing demand

662. UK interest-rates rise could send thousands of companies to the wall as financial distres reaches 'unprecedented levels'

661. UK could lose free trade deals with 65 countries after Brexit, admits UK's top negotiato

660. Most of UK's fruit and veg is from other EU nations 'so Brexit impact may be dramatic

659. Preparing for Brexit deal to cost £1m a day — and ‘it will favour EU’

658. Brexit vote has cost each household more than £600 a year, says NIESR

657. Warning UK economy will 'fall off a cliff' if BoE raises interest rates by 0.5%-1% < href="">

656. How bad does it have to get before we rethink

655. So many politicians are doing the opposite of what they believe

654. Eurozone outpaces UK with fastest growth since 2011

653. Irish minister Michael Creed urges UK to hold second Brexit referendum

Running Commentary #23. 8 November 2017

652. Bank of England believes Brexit could cost 75,000 finance jobs

651. May undermines her pledge to keep workers’ rights guaranteed by EU law after Brexi by promoting outspoken opponent of the protections

650. German regulator seeks Brexit plans from UK-based insurers

649. Brexit: 20% of UK restaurants at risk of going bust, finds study

648. Fears for patient safety as Brexit threatens free flow of medicines

647. The government is using Brexit to destroy animal welfare standards

646. Top London law firms plan Ireland move after Brexit, posing threat to huge profit drive

645. Pope urges EU to rediscover unity: “Now is not the time to dig trenches”

644. After Brexit the UK will need to renegotiate at least 759 treaties

643. Lloyds Pharmacy to shut 190 stores

642. Brexit talks 'led by clowns and fools' CBI lunch hears

641. Ford blames Brexit for $86m third-quarter loss in Europe

640. UBS Will Trigger Its Brexit Contingency Plans `Early' Next Year

639. Brexit minister Baroness Anelay resigns after five months over 'injury sustained i 2015'

638. How Brexit has made Britain the new sick man of Europe

637. Brexit bill sending UK to constitutional crisis, says Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jone

636. No guarantee new customs IT system will be ready for no-deal Brexit, says UK custom chief

635. May's dampening statement on early Brexit transition deal alarms City executives < href="">

634. Investment in UK car industry plummets amid Brexit uncertainty

633. Former EU ambassador Ivan Rodgers says triggering Article 50 early means UK is 'screwed

632. AstraZeneca EVP: Brexit is hindering our hiring

631. Sellers Begin to Buckle as Sky-High London Home Prices Decline

630. British companies fleeing Brexit show increasing interest in moving to Portugal < href="">

629. It’s already the end of Britain we knew

628. Factories cut investment amid rising Brexit fears

627. No-deal Brexit would cost Scottish economy £30bn over 5 years

626. Brexit is hindering research collaboration, say EU universities

625. Toyota seeks clarity over Brexit 'fog' amid fears over Derbyshire plant

624. Brexit takes the UK out of the framework of rights the EU has put in place for childre

623. Golden Globe Race 2018 nabbed from Falmouth by Plymouth will now be held in France becaus of Brexit

622. The Government Wants To Shutdown The Brexit Debate

621. May 'misspoke' on transition to Brexit

620. Half of employers think Brexit will be bad for young people

619. German regulator warns City firms close to 'point of no return' on Brexit

618. Theresa May's relations with EU hit all-time low as she issues ‘no deal’ threat unles trade deal is agreed by summer

617. Brexit pushed the economy into the slow lane and it is set to stay there

616. Brexit 'more complex than first moon landing', says academic study

615. Employers exploiting confusion over Brexit

614. Michael Bloomberg: Brexit is stupidest thing any country has done besides Trump < href="">

613. The UK has become a nasty little country

612. Brexit vote sapping business confidence and hitting household income

611. Key industries signal weak economic growth

610. Pound falters despite rate hike talk

609. Britain's EU bank capital could be locked up for decades after Brexit – official < href="">

608. Tragedy of EU citizens fleeing UK is already unfolding

607. Britain can’t prosper as a tax haven. It has to stop these hollow threats

606. Hard Brexit 'would cost London more than £100bn'

605. Creative industries facing 'catastrophic' loss of talent after Brexit

604. Brexit: concern over £9bn UK motorsport industry?

603. How much a 'no-deal' Brexit would drain out of Newcastle and the rest of the North Eas

602. Ex-WTO chief warns ‘no deal’ Brexit would hit UK hard

601. People are applying for EU passports because Brexit ruined Britishness

600. Birmingham would lose almost £7 billion from a 'hard Brexit'

599. Vote leave, lose control - the real meaning of a no deal Brexit

598. Overseas purchasing power of UK wages 22% below 2007 peak

597. Brexit fears are holding back manufacturing investment, study finds

596. The pound could drop almost 20% further in a 'no deal' Brexit scenario

595. Air France boss says UK must play by the EU court’s rules after Brexit

594. Banks could move thousands of jobs out of Britain to prepare for the country’s planne exit from the EU

593. Three-quarters of the UK public say Brexit is going badly, new poll reveals

592. Quitting EIB risks £13bn of investment per year

591. Sainsbury juts Jobs as Brexit puts online retailers off UK

590. Customs declarations to treble after Brexit – leaving staff struggling

589. UK will struggle to change UK borders in time, says watchdog

588. Why is May hiding truth about Brexit? Because it’s grim

Running Commentary #22. 20 October 2017

587. 200 job losses as Misco collapses into administration

586. Europe sees a petulant whining baby that will neither do the business nor get off th potty

585. Phil Hogan said "common sense left the building a while ago" in the UK Brexit debat

584. Brexit talks: UK must prepare to leave without deal, say ex-ministers

583. Creative sector warns of Brexit threat to economy

582. Brexit has to all intents and purposes already happened – we’re being erased from th diplomatic map

581. UK inflation at highest since April 2012

580. UK firms to flee if no Brexit deal by Xmas : Stock market chief

579. Airlines may not guarantee flights after exit from EU

578. Hard Brexit will cost 5,000 Rolls-Royce jobs in Derby, say union chiefs

577. Brexit bill delayed over Government fears it would be defeated in Commons revolt < href="">

576. Pret A Manger Jobs Would Be Unfilled Without EU Workers, HR Boss Admits

575. Domino’s Issues Dire Brexit Warning As It Calls For More British Staff

574. Young people 'bemused, angry and blaming older generations for Brexit', new report find

573. 5 indications that the UK economy is on the brink of a collapse

572. Don't bank on Trump for post-Brexit trade, says Clinton

571. EU rebuffs May, demands more concessions on Brexit

570. 'No-deal' Brexit likely to hit low-income families hardest

569. More nurses and doctors from the EU leaving their jobs in Dorset than ever before < href="">

568. Brexit transition deal likely to be too late for some banks, says TheCityUK

567. Mango Bicycles ceases trading thanks to Brexit, seeks buyer

566. Hate crime soared after Brexit vote in biggest leap since records began

565. Bank of England's Mark Carney says inflation hasn't peaked yet after hitting 3% toda - as it happened

564. Access to foreign talent after Brexit is crucial to the UK maintaining its advertisin dominanc

563. Reverse Brexit with second referendum to save your economy, OECD tells UK

562. Micheal Martin: Brexit makes hard Irish border 'inevitable'

561. BALPA says a Brexit ‘no deal’ would spell disaster for UK aviation‘no-deal’-would-spell-disaster#.WeTAGGVAF9Q.facebook)

560. Brexit: No deal would be 'devastating' for Northern Ireland peace process, says forme Irish PM

559. Brexit hardliners put living standards at risk

558. Hard Brexit would be a ‘monumental and political disaster’

557. Brexit leads cosmetics firm Lush to look for expansion outside UK

556. Sainsbury’s boss David Tyler warns a ‘no deal’ Brexit would raise the cost of shoppin

555. England does not yet produce enough home-grown staff for the NHS to meet requirement without workers from abroad

554. PSA to cut 400 jobs at UK Vauxhall plant amid Brexit uncertainty

553. EU holds Brexit talks with opposition amid fears UK government could collapse

552. No deal would be 'devastating' for Northern Ireland peace process, says former Iris PM

551. Hard Brexit to batter British economy, study suggests

550. Hard Brexit would ‘cost £400 billion, wipe 18% off GDP and cause a recession’

549. Government withholds Brexit food price report

548. Brexit a major risk to almost every part of NHS, report warns

547. UK growth slows; London house prices fall – as it happened

546. Witter Towbars to axe 90 Deeside jobs with Romania move

545. 70 job losses at Isle of Wight firm Gurit

544. Brexit blamed for shock construction slump

543. Prolonged fall in living standards since Brexit vote

542. Brexit won’t help the NHS, it will destroy it

541. Stamford generator plant closure puts 500 jobs at risk

540. UK economic growth for second quarter revised down

539. Rights of UK citizens living abroad not guaranteed if 'no deal' reached on Brexit, Theres May admits

538. UK economy suffers slashed growth outlooks and lacklustre trade data

537. Brexit damage to UK to be 'quite considerable over time', warns RBS Chairman

536. UK economic growth outlook slashed by IMF due to weak pound and spiking inflation < href="">

535. Brexit negotiators must act quickly to prevent an exodus from the City

534. The Brexiteers’ trade fantasies are crashing down around their ears

533. Bank of America seeks Paris office for post-Brexit trading space

532. Damian Green says UK 'would have been better in EU'

531. UK ministers 'deeply pessimistic' about Brexit talks progress

530. Flights between EU and UK could be suspended on day of Brexit, Philip Hammond claim

529. Brexit means Britain will miss global economic boom, says IMF

528. IMF warns against May’s no deal madness as it confirms British economy is already fallin behind

527. EU youth orchestra to quit UK for Italy over Brexit

526. Chancellor concedes it is 'theoretically possible' that failure to reach agreement wit bloc would halt air traffic between Britain and 27 member states on March 29, 2019

525. Farm incomes may halve after Brexit, says report

524. Home Office ‘Cannot Cope’ With Brexit, Warns Former Immigration Enforcement Chief < href="">

523. UK farmers risk seeing incomes halve after Brexit

522. BALPA says a Brexit ‘no deal’ would spell disaster for UK aviation‘no-deal’-would-spell-disaster)

521. Warning that farm income could be slashed without EU free trade deal

520. Brexit talks delayed because British negotiators not available today

519. Retailers warn (again) of consumer chaos after Brexit

518. Trade deficit widens to hit new record

517. No-deal on Brexit will mean more red tape, white paper reveals

516. The man who just won the Nobel prize for economics says Brexit is completely irrational

515. EU hits back at Theresa May: 'Brexit negotiations are not a ball game'

514. Brexit brain drain is happening in Scotland now, says minister

513. UK faces workforce shortage

512. Brexit: Revenue report warns frictionless Border is impossible

511. Dorchester Group blames Brexit for £39.5m losses

510. Prolonged fall in living standards since Brexit vote

509. The number of UK finance professionals looking for jobs in Dublin has hit a post-Brexi vote high

508. Seven major trading nations rejected May’s plan for retaining food quota agreement following Brexit

507. UK firms finding it harder to get staff after Brexit – survey

506. Brexit Will Mean Job Losses In The City Of London, Warns RBS Chairman

505. Economic Outlook: Still clueless on Brexit – and it’s taking a toll

504. Bombardier slapped with second tariff

503. Port of Dover fears long queues with hard Brexit

502. Theresa May's Brexit plans in ruins after France and Germany 'reject transitional arrangement

Running Commentary #21. 8 October 2017

501. Trump administration reject Theresa May’s post-Brexit agriculture deal with EU

500. Brexit: Construction alread suffering

499. Wall Street moves to Frankfur as Brexit doubts grow

498. Pound slumps against dolla & euro amid cocktail of bad news for UK economy

497. Road hauliers will be i serious trouble if Brexit restricts their access to workers from the EU

496. Farming chief warns of “catastrophic Brexit effect on fresh produce industry

495. The EU Withdrawal Bill i a cynical power grab

494. EU Reaches Out to U.K. Oppositio as May Battles, Telegraph Says

493. Brexit talks even more dea in water after May fiasco

492. EU braces for Brexit talk collapse as May falters

491. Brexit! Get ready for som real austerity

490. Britvic cuts 240 jobs i Norwich closure, Unilever could follow

489. Immigration Minister give ominous Brexit warning to businesses when it comes to staff

488. Business leaders launc attack on Tory policies

487. US rounds on Britain ove food quotas as post-Brexit trade woes deepen

486. UK car sales slide 9% i September

485. To put the final nail i the coffin of Great Britain, let’s elect Boris Johnson as the next Prime Minister

484. Pound Sterling hit by U Construction PMI Shock

483. Brexit a major risk to almos every part of the NHS, Oxford researcher warns

482. Brexit is as toxic to youn people as Trump's wall, minister warns Theresa May

481. Over a third of Brexit leav voters hold 'racially prejudiced' views

480. Brexit negotiations ‘coul fall apart at any time,’ says former Bank of England policymaker

479. Third of young people sa their mental health has deteriorated since Brexit vote, survey shows

478. AstraZeneca has starte preparations for hard Brexit, including operations move from UK

477. Brexit poses ‘substantial threat’ to every part of the NHS, Lancet study warns

476. Banks are said to begi Brexit exodus despite transition call

475. UK economic growth for secon quarter revised down

474. UK economy falls down global competitiveness rankings, says World Economic Forum

473. European Medicines Agenc warns of 'permanent damage’ from relocation

472. Bombardier: May 'bitterl disappointed' as US tariff puts jobs at risk

471. Car prices soar 21.8% sinc EU vote

470. 'Zero chance' leaving E will make Britons better off, Nobel laureate economist Paul Krugman says

469. US propose 220% tariff o sale of Canadian manufacturer's C Series jets whose wings are made in Belfast

468. Gove Faces Showdown Wit UK Food Chief Over ‘Terrifying’ Lack Of Brexit Planning

467. 'Leave UK immediately' scientist is latest victim of Home Office blunder

466. Angela Merkel's chief o staff says Brexit talks are an 'awful, complicated mess'

465. Brexit Department Lose 20% of Workers in 14 Months

464. 14 Polls; 12 say ‘Stay i the EU’

463. Moody’s hits back afte Government dismisses UK credit rating cut as 'outdated'

462. UK restaurant jobs unfille as EU workers leave

461. Factory orders fall du to rising import costs and Brexit uncertainty

460. ‘Dante sends Brexit to hell, protesters warn May in Florence

459. Theresa May makes a fantasti case – for staying in the EU

458. The absurdity of May's franti Florence speech

457. Reuters survey: 10,000 U finance jobs affected in Brexit's first wave

456. UK won't leave the EU an will one day join the Euro, says Lord Heseltine

455. Warning over food impor delays if no Brexit deal

454. Majority of British peopl believe UK should stay in the EU, finds latest poll

453. Forget planning for no deal The government isn't really planning for Brexit at all

452. Almost 10,000 EU healt workers have quit NHS since Brexit vote

451. UK growth will trail Italy France and Germany next year, says OECD

450. May humiliated on worl stage as Brexit bites

449. Mitie set to cut 480 job by the end this financial year

448. Britain in danger of losin its place in the financial world

447. Rising number of Scots suppor staying in EU, poll says

446. Britain is running out o cheese – because of Brexit

445. Brexit Britain plummet into economic growth slow lane as even Italy overtakes UK in latest forecast

444. US airlines 'very concerned over aviation regulations post-Brexit

443. Jobs to go as Xpelair confirm Peterborough factory and warehouse will close

442. Brexit to bring weaker econom and higher inflation, Bank of England warns

441. Government faces Brexi revolt from unhappy carmakers over customs

440. Brexit should come wit a massive health warning, ideally painted on the side of a bus

439. Broadcasters' Brexit mov a boon to Netherlands

438. Boris £350m claim is misleadin and a "clear misuse" of figures

437. British Gas will increas electricity prices by 12.5% from 15 Sep

436. Britain is still a world-beate at one thing: ripping off its own citizens

435. Wine & Spirit Trad Association conference: we need to prepare ourselves for “disaster” of Brexit talks

434. Don't be fooled by the sterlin boom – the glory days of the pound are over

433. John Lewis: serious parliamentar debate about Brexit was now essential

432. There will be no good Brexi deal

431. Japanese companies set t leave London

430. Paris to overtake Londo 'within five to 10 years’, French government minister says

429. Tory Government could kee new sweeping powers to change laws for years

Running Commentary #20. 16 September 2017

428. Ireland ‘will block next phase of Brexit talks’ over border

427. Brexit ‘shameful’ says forme HSBC boss Stephen Green

426. Australian trade ministe says special relationship with UK is now for 'yesteryear'

425. Leicestershire faces labou crisis as one-in-three EU workers threatens to quit post-Brexit

424. Lack of clear UK stanc making Brexit talks tough: French PM

423. 'Auf Wiedersehen, Pret' London warned of Brexit exodus of EU workers

422. BMW calls Brexit an 'uncomfortabl scenario'

421. Tories dodge scrutiny b refusing to reply to Brexit watchdog for four months

420. Harriet Harmen: EU (Withdrawal Bill will give government ‘power to bypass parliament’

419. UK human rights ‘put a risk’ by Brexit bill, warns senior academic

418. Brex bill ‘hijacks devolve powers’

417. When Brussels decided t end tax avoiding practices within its member states, Britain decided to leave the EU

416. Post-Brexit customs check could cost £4billion a year, study says

415. Brexit negotiations no going ‘in the way we might hope’ says former Bank of England governor Mervyn King

414. UK path on Brexit is ma and dangerous, says Baroness Armstrong in Dublin

413. Total trips in London, leading indicator of economic activity, are going down partly because of the uncertainty of Brexit

412. Inquiry launched into stat of negotiations as EU talks hit standstill

411. By stealth and cheating Theresa May has just grabbed the governmental power she was refused by voters

410. Japanese bank MUFG confirm move to Amsterdam after Brexit

409. Restaurants and hotels feel the pinch as EU workers leave the UK

408. HMRC may need extra 5,00 staff to tackle Brexit customs demands, MPs told

407. Young people fear for future in Brexit Britain, says study

406. Clarifying the positio of EU nationals is now a matter of great urgency

405. Brexit exodus from Londo 'to create 80,000 jobs'... in Frankfurt

404. John Lewis profits halv as chairman warns over Brexit uncertainty

403. Even Greece's economy i now growing faster than the UK

402. Brexit referendum: Thousand back second vote on EU withdrawal

401. Fears Toyota could leav Derbyshire after boss's comments about Brexit

400. UK apple growers' labou shortage 'pushing them towards cliff edge'

399. Brexit won't solve issue that led to leave vote, says ex-trade minister

398. Young people fear for future in Brexit Britain, says study

397. Ports could plunge int chaos if UK crashes out of EU without deal, Philip Hammond admits

396. US insurer Chubb sets ou post-Brexit move to Paris

395. UK has adopted ‘reckless interpretation of Brexit result, Mandelson says

394. Toyota says Brexit talk drift could threaten UK production

393. Only a hard Brexit is o offer — and that will do Britain immense damage

392. Refusal to put a concret figure on the cost of Brexit is close to criminal negligence

391. Theresa May’s governmen treating British public like children over Brexit, says former Treasury chief

390. No Europeans need apply evidence mounts of discrimination in UK

389. Leaving customs union t cost UK businesses £4bn a year, study shows

388. Those dealing with Brexi see 'potential for disaster' says Vince Cable

387. Workers' rights best secure by staying in single market, says TUC chief

386. O’Leary calls PM delusional

385. “There's something abou being inclusive that is more important than being exclusive” Dame Judy Dench

Running Commentary #19. 11 September 2017

384. UK has adopted ‘reckless interpretation of Brexit result, Mandelson says

383. ‘British jobs for Britis workers’ is back, a fascist incursion into mainstream politics

382. Bank of America choose Dublin for EU base after UK leaves the bloc

381. Theresa May's governmen heading for 'kamikaze' Brexit, TUC boss warns

380. Brexit will see Britai short of 60,000 nurses and midwives because of crackdown on immigration

379. AstraZeneca CEO, worrie by Brexit, not signing UK government letter

378. Theresa May ‘hopeless’ leade of ‘weak’ government, says major Tory donor

377. UK Falls Below Kazakhsta In Top Expat Destination Survey

376. Claims that British pensioner are rushing home from the EU are false, says ONS

375. UK citizens face second-clas status under Brexit, barristers warn

374. Brexiteers should face criminal charges over campaign pledges, says Sir Alan Sugar

373. Abandon Brexit negotiation now or face disaster – Yanis Varoufakis–-yanis)

372. Theresa May secretly hatche plan to ‘rig’ parliament straight after losing majority in election

371. UK economy 'treading water as eurozone stretches ahead, says BCC

370. UK exports outside EU fall despite weak pound

369. Christmas under threat fro Home Office proposals to reduce EU workers in logistics sector

368. Fall in pound ‘has don more harm than good’

367. Failure to fight Brexi will be an historic abdication of political responsibility

366. May's plan to gain sweepin new powers ahead of Brexit revealed

365. Brexit sets Britain on stable path of relative decline

364. Jaguar Land Rover warn Brexit deterring suppliers

363. Brussels furious over 'toxic Home Office paper - warns bespoke Brexit transition deal 'is over'

362. For a country so resentful about migration, we have been astonishingly careless about measuring or managing it

361. Pound-euro exchange rate Sterling suffers worst performance in 10 months as investors shun currency due to Brexit

360. Brexit backlash for Theres May as 61% of voters polled lose faith in Government's ability to deliver successful Brexit

359. Lords accuse May and Davi of “selectively” quoting from their inquiry report and claiming it endorsed their Brexit legislation, when actuall the study raised major concerns

358. Leaked migration proposal would damage UK in 4 ways

357. UK economy loses momentu as fears mount about cost of Brexit, find latest surveys

356. 'I'm on the verge of losin everything': EU nationals respond to leaked Home Office plans for migration crackdown

355. Northern Ireland's futur at risk without post-Brexit customs deal, says Hain

354. Euro zone businesses outpac struggling British peers

353. UK threatened by most dangerousl incompetent and decadent government in modern times

352. Britain needs last-minut swerve to avoid Brexit cataclysm

351. UK construction 'flirtin with recession' as Brexit uncertainty bites

350. UK under fire for ‘toxic migrant paper

349. Brexit has sent Britain' consumers down a slow, painful road away from prosperity

348. Theresa May suppressed u to 9 studies that found immigration does not hit UK wages

347. Home Office plans to cur EU immigration would be 'economic self-harm'

346. FTSE 100 chiefs’ fury a No 10 letter backing ministers on Brexit

Running Commentary #18. 6 September 2017

345. Brexit leak shines a ligh on our collective lunacy about immigration

344. Leaked immigration plan 'catastrophic' for industry, say employers

343. The hard truth is ther is no economic question to which Brexit is the answer

342. Figaro: “Europeans will no longer come to the UK to work. Brits will have to pick their cabbages and wash their elderly themselves” < href="">

341. Nationalism is turning Britai into a basket case

340. Tokio Marine to set up insuranc company in Luxembourg to cope with Brexit

339. Ending the jurisdictio of the ECJ will weaken family reunion rights for EU nationals in Britain

338. Almost a quarter of Cambridge’ research funding from competitive grants comes from the EU

337. Warning: the cost of Brexi could seriously damage your health service

336. UK construction slumps t lowest in 2017 as real estate projects are delayed in Brexit run-up

335. UK to 'cut and paste' existin EU trade deals with other countries as it cannot cope with new talks

334. ‘EU needs us more than w need it’ untruth unravelling fast

333. The EU withdrawal bill i nothing less than an executive coup

332. European Parliament slam UK’s Brexit stance on citizens’ rights

331. Liam Fox acknowledged hi department lacked the “capacity” to pursue free trade agreements at present

330. Repeal bill paves the wa for removal of rights after Brexit

329. Government’s request fo continuous Brexit negotiations ridiculed in Brussels: British officials don’t have enough to talk about

328. UK economy losing momentu as Brexit worries weigh – PMIs

327. Brexit secretary is boastin about half-finished deals to distract from lack of progress

326. Theresa May's governmen 'will collapse over Brexit in 2018', claim Morgan Stanley

325. Pound slips towards parit with Euro as Brexit weighs

324. John Kerr: Brexit will mak Britain “a lot less important” on the world stage

323. Commonwealth countries demandin their citizens be granted same rights as Europeans to live and work in UK after Brexit

322. Brexit blamed as busines confidence falls, accountancy chiefs say

321. Incompetent May lacks skill needed in Brexit crisis

320. Minister for Foreign Affair Simon Coveney: Liam Fox’s comments ‘unhelpful’

319. Crisis talks on Brexit betwee Theresa May's deputy and Carwyn Jones

318. Brexit ‘could derail Iris economy’

317. Sainsbury’s CEO warns post-Brexi rules could leave food rotting at UK border

316. Trade minister Lord Pric quits government

315. Britain's aerospace secto could be priced out after Brexit

314. Your employment rights coul be put at risk through Brexit

313. Offshore industry voice concern over repeat skill shortage post Brexit

312. Scots set to miss out o BILLIONS as EU bank axe UK funding amid Brexit talks

311. The longer Brexit stay up in the air, the higher the risk flights will be grounded

310. Manchester Airport woul be 'devastated if no post-Brexit aviation deal is struck soon'

309. One by one the promise and predictions of the Brexiteers are collapsing

308. The City’s future depend on staying in the Single Market

307. Warning that hospitals will struggle without EU nursing staff

306. UBS Eyes Up Frankfurt < href="">

Running Commentary #17. 2 September 2017

305. UK leaving customs union ‘reckless and dangerous’

304. David Davis declares early death of scheme to beat customs delays

303. Outside of the EU, the UK may be subject to CJEU rulings but won’t have any influence

302. UK’s Brexit position paper say UK-EU data flows are ‘vital’ to the UK

301. Brexit papers concede the value of the European atomic energy community, yet UK want to leave Euratom

300. UK’s Brexit position paper says: “The EU’s unwavering support for the peace process has been valuable in furthering political progress an reconciliation”

299. Government’s Brexit position papers repeatedly concede being in the EU has benefited Britain

298. Ryanair boss tells Theres May: 'get your finger out in Brexit talks or we'll close down flights'

297. House prices in London hi by Brexit slump as third of homes see fall in value

296. Has there ever been a wors UK government than this? (Article by Conservative Party member)

295. If they want Brexit to b a success, Brexiteers need to take it more seriously

294. EU Parliament Brexit negotiator Britain's demands are 'not serious, fair or even possible'

293. Brexit: Talks actually g backwards

292. A Bank of England policymake nailed the economic pitfalls that will come with limiting immigration after Brexit

291. Macron rejects British pla to bypass EU Brexit negotiators

290. May's post-Brexit trad policy unravels in Japan

289. UK wants 'impossible' Brexi deal and doesn't understand single market, says EU negotiator

288. Hard Brexit ‘would mea increased medicine costs’

287. UK 'confusion and hesitation means Brexit talks unlikely to move on

286. How Brexit will damage th UK's relations with Japan

285. Japan has shot down Theres May's hopes for a quick trade deal after Brexit

284. May accused of pursuin 'cut and paste' Brexit over trade deals

283. UK retailers are worrie Brexit could lead to empty shelves

282. UK retailers see Brexi hit to consumers without detailed customs plans

281. Neil Coyle: The Home Offic isn’t fit for purpose now, never mind after Brexit

280. 134,000 Brits have fle the country since Brexit

279. Brexit will cause ‘gap on food shelves’ if deals with EU are not struck, warns trade body

278. Smaller UK manufacturer already feeling Brexit strains – survey

277. UK insurers need to decid on moving EU policies by November

Running Commentary #16. 30 August 2017

276. Financial services firm ‘making contingency plans amid Brexit talks fears’

275. Britain will get ‘a wors deal’ because of May’s disastrous snap election - William Hague

274. Boris Johnson concedes U will have to pay for Brexit

273. UK house price growth cool to three-month low in August: Nationwide

272. Brexit will cause ‘gap on food shelves’ if deals with EU are not struck, warns BRC

271. UK imports could face 3-da delays at ports after Brexit, British Retail Consortium (BRC) warns

270. Man with British parent and grandparents ordered to leave UK by Home Office

269. Government of “sleepwalking into food insecurity

268. UK care home system is “teeterin on a knife edge” thanks to a severe skills crisis that risks being worsened by Brexit

267. EU’s chief negotiator bluntl voiced concern that London was wasting time by refusing to engage on separation issues such as a financial settlemen

266. Brexit bill gets bigge as euro strengthens

265. Horror of leaving our Europea neighbours is becoming clearer every day

264. Lack of skilled EU worker 'could choke UK growth post-Brexit'

263. Brexit has made Englan an increasingly “hostile and divided” nation

262. Britain will be vulnerabl to terrorists after Brexit, claims lead EU negotiator

261. UK hopes dashed for swif Japan trade talks

260. Frankfurt is winning th battle for Brexit spoils

259. UK Home Office 'cannot b trusted', say EU citizens' rights groups

258. Grain D’Or bakery is facin closure due to falling pound – risking 250 jobs

257. German companies switc investment from UK

256. Japanese companies investe in the UK have voiced fears over single market access

255. Iain Macwhirter: Bogus immigratio figures were responsible for an an epic act of national self harm

254. The pound’s still got furthe to fall

253. A million skilled EU worker see their future outside Britain

252. A third of food firms 'unviable without EU staff

251. The immigration stats blunde shows how far perception is from the truth

250. Investors too optimisti about UK’s chances of securing Brexit trade deal: Bank of America Merrill Lynch

249. Brexit could leave a thir of food and drink sector unviable as EU workers flee Britain, firms warn

248. Brexit exodus from Londo 'to create 80,000 jobs'... in Frankfurt

247. Leading Finnish historia threatened with detention and deportation in 'absurd' Brexit ruling by Home Office officials

246. 'Hard Brexit will damag Hull and East Yorkshire's growing green energy industry', new study finds

245. Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadka says not enough progress has been made on Brexit talks

244. Frankfurt and Dublin se to sweep bank jobs away from UK

243. Barnier agrees with Slovenia PM Milo Cerar - not enough progress made on talks to broaden the negotiations out to trade and other areas < href="">

242. UK air traffic faces slum without deal, airports warn

241. UK demands British good be sold in EU at no extra cost after Brexit

Running commentary #15. 22 August 2017

240. Netherlands 'will bloc UK-EU deal without tax avoidance measures'

239. European Investment Ban cuts off cash for British building projects due to Brexit

238. UK hopes of autumn trad talks 'will be dashed', says Slovenian PM

237. Tory Brexit agenda is a attack on human rights – Martina Anderson

236. York’s booming hospitalit industry is facing its toughest ever challenge in recruiting staff as EU nationals leave

235. London’s buoyant tech hu faces struggle to keep attracting talent and money as the EU ‘turns off tap’ for funding

234. A destructive Brexit will create no winners, only a divided, poorer UK

233. The euro: soon to be th strongest big currency on the planet

232. Next phase of Brexit talk 'likely delayed' to December - sufficient progress" on the first phase of talks was "highly unlikely"

231. Brickmaker Wienerberge expects residential construction market in Britain to stagnate or shrink over the next few years

230. Farmers say open borde impossible under Brexit proposals

229. Royal London to set up subsidiar in Ireland to quell Brexit uncertainty

228. UK consumer spending i hit by rising inflation and Brexit uncertainty - annual growth rate drops to 1.3%

227. Someone, sometime soon is going to have to admit that leaving the EU is something that’s beyond the UK’s ability

226. Struggling Ericsson no ruling out UK job cuts in cost-reduction plan

225. Eurozone economy growin by twice the pace of Britain’s

224. Labour MP says her constituent are crying themselves to sleep over Brexit uncertainty

223. Britain's EU exit will lea to a worse customs deal

222. Brexit threat to London’ reputation as legal services hub

221. Ros Altmann: ‘UK on trac for disastrous Brexit outcome’

220. The top UK economist a German lender Commerzbank said Brexit could be worse for the UK economy than most people expect

219. Britain had “mismanage itself out of existence”

218. Confidence in Britain’ financial institutions remains in tatters

217. Post Brexit customs plan 'utterly deluded', shellfish farmers say

216. Pound will take Brexit beating warns US bank

215. Brexit talks may have t be delayed until December as sufficient progress may not be made on first stage talks

214. Post-Brexit tech Borde deemed ‘complete nonsense’ by IT experts

213. Brexit woes for UK mortgag market as lending slows, says GlobalData

212. Germany's Vice-Chancello shocked to find UK has "No Real Strategy" on Brexit

211. Jobs lost as Brexit-hi pound forces Southern Salads into administration

210. The UK government’s borde proposals for Ireland are absurd

209. A customs union is not lik Schrodinger’s cat. Either you’re in it, or you’re not

208. David Davis once again demonstrate his total lack of understanding of freedom of movement

207. Brexit Squeeze to last all year, as inflation rises faster than wages

Running Commentary #14.

206. Farmers and producers worrie at lack of direction from Tories on Brexit

205. Estonia is ramping up effort to woo British entrepreneurs with e-residency

204. Rail fares to rise by 3.6 from January 2018, as a result of the high rate of inflation in July this year due to falling pound

203. The government's custom union plan is an absolute dog's breakfast

202. London 'haemorrhaging' talen because of Brexit, says headhunter

201. Bank of America choose Dublin for main EU hub after Brexit

200. Civil service fears Brexi decisions being ‘rushed through to quash fears of a lack of action by the Government‘rushed)


198. The loss of EU funding tha used to help poorer parts of the UK is Brexit’s other looming cliff edge

197. Support for Theresa Ma to keep job until next election has dwindled to 29% of British public

196. Nurse numbers dangerousl low: 9 out of 10 of the biggest NHS trusts are below safe staffing levels

195. Theresa May accused of tryin to break parliamentary rules in order to ram through controversial law changes after Brexit

194. Bank of China, China Everbrigh Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, and China Construction Bank have all announced plans to move from London t Luxembourg

193. First Conservative MP threaten to quit party if Theresa May presses ahead with hard Brexit

192. The City of London is goin to suffer with or without a Brexit transition deal

191. U.K.'s Self-Sufficienc in Food Is at Lowest in Decades

190. UK trade deficit widen as fall in sterling fails to improve export sales

189. UK risks an international court case over May's plans for leaving EU single market

188. Liam Fox’s trade departmen derided as aimless and incompetent

187. UK exports suffer bigges drop since Brexit vote, new ONS figures show

186. Wilko looks at cutting mor than 4,000 jobs

185. Pound will be worth les than a euro by early 2018, Morgan Stanley predicts

184. Brexit claims another victim Britain’s venture capitalists

183. UK is no longer the desire choice of destination for international tech talent due to Brexit

182. Tory MEP believes the natio is on a path to 'disaster'

181. Fears grow at UK companie over political risk surrounding Brexit

Running Commentary #13.

180. Brexit Is Quietly Stranglin Science

179. The experts strike back How economists are being proved right on Brexit

178. Brexit bill will remov right to sue government

177. UK scientists currentl receive close to £1 billion annually for research from the EU

176. Scientist behind one o the century's most important discoveries set to leave UK over EU exit

175. Brexit concern increase among Moneywise users

174. Dorset farmers face decad of 'damaging uncertainty' unless government acts quickly on Brexit, says National Trust director

173. Why Pay Is A ‘Long Way From Recovering And How Brexit Is Making It Worse

172. Vote Leave economist admit Brexit would 'mostly eliminate manufacturing'

171. EU companies created ove 110,000 new jobs in Britain since 2012

170. London retail sector report serious recruitment concerns post-Brexit

169. Boris Johnson should b jailed over Brexit claims, says ex-David Davis aide

168. The Bank of England is reviewin more than 400 firms' Brexit plans and there are 'significant issues'

167. MPs told (by BoE): Brexi will make city harder to control

166. Brexit takes toll on numbe of Brits at Algarve hotels

165. Brexit Is A Catastrophe Says David Davis’ Ex-Chief Of Staff James Chapman

164. “I am urging people, i they have a choice, to get the hell out of their UK investments because the UK is going to hit a brick wall. Tim Stevenson

163. 61% disapprove of PM’s handlin of Brexit negotiations, up from 46% in June

162. British industry: Brexi fiddles while the economy burns

161. Britain to lose its marbles Greek MEP demands Elgin Marbles become part of Brexit negotiations

160. Global broadcasters wit bases in UK look to Amsterdam as EU divorce talks stall

159. If hardline Tory MPs ge their way, London will become the new 'Costa Del Crime' after Brexit

158. Brexit caused by low level of education, study finds

157. The youth have been robbe of their future

156. Brexiters play perilou game with EU ‘divorce’ bill

155. UK's weekly payment to E half the £350m Brexiteers claimed

154. UK house price growth weakes in more than four years – Halifax

153. Spending on clothing an footwear down 5.2% - Visa

152. Spending on transport an communications down 6.1% - Visa

151. UK consumer spending see longest decline since 2013 – Visa

150. Brexit 'uncertainty' for banking investments in Wales

149. Britain will commit economic suicide unless it’s prepared to compromise to reach Brexit deal, Romano Prodi, former head of European Commission has warned

Running Commentary #12.

148. Downing Street respond to claims UK will pay a £36bn divorce bill

147. British travellers will need to provide details of their identity, education, current occupation and pay a fee to travel to the EU < href="">

146. UK car industry facing a 'utterly demoralising' Brexit

145. Bank of England decide to print another £15bn

144. RBS plans to make Amsterda its EU base after Brexit

143. UK car demand tumbles b 9.3% amid Brexit uncertainty

142. European Parliament’s chie negotiator warns the voices of MEPs “will be heard” before any trade negotiations begin

141. Airlines warn of EU airpor delays

140. 58% of Leave voters woul now pay to retain EU citizenship

139. Majority of British publi support free movement of citizens anywhere in the EU, new survey suggests

138. UK faces £520m bill fo moving the European Medicines Agency from London to the EU

137. UK drinks industry bosse say Government's 'chaotic' Brexit approach puts trade and jobs in danger

136. Britain just got its firs concrete sign that Brexit will destroy the economy

135. The governor of the Ban of England has warned that uncertainty over Brexit is already weighing on the economy

134. Serco sounds alert on Brexi threat to bin-lorry driving

133. Citigroup, Morgan Stanle and Standard Chartered will move staff to Frankfurt. HSBC has chosen Paris. Bank of America and Barclays hav chosen Dublin

132. Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Japan’s biggest bank, plans to choose Amsterdam as the new EU base for its investment banking operation

131. Official estimates of international students in UK 'potentially misleading'

130. Britain doesn’t need t ‘take back control’ of immigration. We already have it

129. Britain will be hit by hug border delays, require vast lorry parks in the south-east, and suffer more than £1bn a year in economic damag

128. Every local authority are is predicted to see a fall in Gross Value Added (GVA) as a result of Brexit

127. Leaving the EU without replacement in place for the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) would pose an "unacceptable risk", the House of Lord has warned in a new report

126. Former Irish PM Bertie Aher rejects claims the country will follow Britain out of EU: 'We're mad, but we're not that mad'

125. Maltese PM: I'm startin to believe Brexit will not happen

124. Theresa May’s director o strategy has become the latest member of her senior team to quit

Running Commentary #11.

123. UK car manufacturing slump 14% in June and hard Brexit could mean a further hit, industry body warns

122. Brexit could risk the har fought sovereignty of the Falklands Islands

121. UK farmers consider movin to mainland Europe as some warn the price of fruits could rise by almost 50%

120. Some car manufacturers coul decide not to sell models in Britain if the Government fails to secure the right Brexit deal

119. Claims that the EU is a oppressive conspiracy disproven. 331 controversial EU policy initiatives and 125 pieces of legislation corresponde more closely to Britain’s national positions and preferred outcomes than to those of any other large member state Between 2004 and 2009, Britain aligned itself more than 97% of the time with the majority of other member state in Council of Ministers’ votes

118. Brexit trade agreement “fragile” after CJEU opinion on Passenger Name Record data

117. Brexit isn't going to happen Andrew Freris of Ecognosis Advisory

116. George Osborne's forme chief of staff Rupert Harrison observes, In the year since the referendum, Britain has gone from being one o the west's strongest performers to one of its weakest

115. Unskilled Poles ‘fleein UK for German jobs' amid Brexit fallout

114. Brexit hits ITV ad revenu as profits fall

113. Former British EU negotiato says Brexit was a 'terrible idea' and even the Government doesn't understand how bad it will be

112. Number of EU nurses applyin to work here fell 96% in a year. 86,000 NHS posts now vacant

111. Pound to euro exchange Sterling slumps to record low as millions of Brits head off on summer holidays

110. Theresa May refuses to rul out weakening of food standards in trade deal with US

109. Liam Fox Concedes UK Unlikel To Agree Free Trade Deal With EU In Time For Brexit

108. Leaving Euratom withou a new UK regulatory system in place will lead to the disruption of imports of radiotherapy cancer treatment

107. As a British EU negotiator I can tell you that Brexit is going to be far worse than anyone could have guessed

106. “The uncertainty of th whole thing has been damaging,” said Alasdair Pettigrew, Boxarr CEO, “And I think that damage, not just for u but the whole economy, will start to manifest itself as we go forward. We would be further on in our growth i the politicians had done a better job.”

Running Commentary #10.

105. Hard Brexit likely to reduce need for airport expansion

104. A survey conducted by the Italian Embassy's Scientific Office in London reveals that 82% of Italians in the British academic world want to move or consider the possibility of doing so as a result of the country's decision to leave the EU < href="">

103. UK growth set to fall behind eurozone in 'Brexit slowdown', warns IMF

102. IMF said "weaker-than-expecte activity" in the first three months of the year meant the UK would grow by 1.7%, compared with an earlier 2 forecast

101. Dutch eye-up 60 Londo firms as Brexit drives them away

100. Surveyors blame Brexi for slowing growth

99. UK may fail to get trade deal with EU unless it agrees not to lower standards

98. UK plans to opt into new Brussels regulations allowing for more cross-border police cooperation in cases wher children are at risk of parental abduction – hard Brexit might force the UK to abandon the deal

97. London could lose 10,000 banking jobs and 20,000 roles in financial services as clients move 1.8 trillion euro ($2.1 trillion) of assets out of the U.K. on Brexit, according to think-tank Bruegel.

96. Cost of no Brexit deal will be “widespread, damaging and pervasive” leading academics find

95. Northern Trust opts for EU subsidiary in Luxembourg to mitigate Brexit risk

94. Darent Valley Hospital warns of staff shortages as Brexit hits

Running Commentary #9.

93. Financial services Morgan Stanley moving EU Headquarters to Frankfurt following Brexit

92. Brexit: 'Real risk' UK could run out of some foods after EU exit, government warned

91. The pharmaceutical industry is at risk from Brexit. Border delays, R&D disruption and regulatory divergence.

90. London's economy is wobbling from the early effects of Brexit judging from the capital's faltering housing market fewer EU citizens seeking work and weaker job creation, according to a report from the Centre for London thin tank

89. The House of Lords EU home affairs sub-Committee said on 18 July that Britain could be put at a competitive disadvantag and the police could lose access to intelligence, if the government failed to retain unhindered flows of data

88. PwC: UK on course for even deeper economic slowdown than expected

87. Xavier Rolet, boss of the London Stock Exchange, reckons 100,000 jobs could move out of London.

86. Wall St giant Citi to announce new EU-based broker dealer in Frankfurt as it activates Brexit contingency plan

85. UK airports warn European flights could be suspended post-Brexit

84. The EU Withdrawal Bill could practically turn Britain into a one party state under the Tories

83. Jaguar Land Rover to produce first car entirely outside of Britain

82. A massive employment crisis will be faced after Brexit

81. Thousands of independent retailers are closing

80. The CBI’s survey showing two-fifths of companies pausing their investment plans because of Brexit chimes wit similar reports from the British Chambers of Commerce, Deloitte and the Institute of Directors.

Running commentary #8.

79. Brexit is now directly damaging business investment in Britain (CBI)

78. Amyas Morse, head of Britain’s public spending watchdog, warned a lack of leadership meant the government’s respons to Brexit risked falling apart “like a chocolate orange”

77. Sir Nigel Sheinwald, Britain’s former ambassador to the EU, says there was now a “one-in-three” chance of Brexi talks collapsing unless the UK drastically reset its plans

76. British budget airline easyJet has chosen to apply for an air operator certificate in Austria, and will establis a new airline, easyJet Europe

75. Leaving Euratom could wreak nuclear havoc

74. National Audit Office warns Government's new customs IT system heading for £34bn 'horror show'

73. The government finally recognises that the UK has financial obligations to the EU

72. Dip in EU applicants to Scottish Universities shows damaging reality of Brexit

71. Baker McKenzie report: 56% of skilled workers surveyed stated they were 'highly likely' or 'quite likely' t leave the UK before the outcome of the Brexit negotiations is known, with Healthcare (84%), Technology Medi and Telecoms (64%) and Financial Services (43%) sectors likely to be the most hard-hit. Outside the workplace almost 70% of respondents thought uncertainty regarding the status of EU-27 residents would affect their abilit to secure any future mortgage or loan.

70. Banks begin London exodus as hopes of transitional deal fade (Reuters)

Running Commentary #7.

69. Justin King, who ran Sainsbury's until 2014 said, it was "very clear" shoppers would face "higher prices, les choice and poorer quality".

68. Brexit risk to UK cancer patients - fears over shortage of vital isotopes used in scans and treatment

67. Britain's economy is slumping: Business output falls to a 4-year low and consumer spending shrinks

66. Free trade deals will have limited benefits for UK, warns Philip Hammond

65. Brexit vote sees highest spike in religious and racial hate crimes ever recorded

64. Immigration Minister admits the free movement of labour has been good for Britain’s farmers

63. A central city furnished one-bed apartment in Britain, cost £450/wk in March A two-bed in the same buildin cost £Today the one bedroom costs £380 – a 16% drop. The two bedroom costs £550 – a 22% drop. The impac is caused, according to estate agents, by a drop-off in international demand.

62. Dublin chosen by Barclays location for its European base after Brexit

61. Brexit secretary had been "hamstrung" by the PM's stance on the ECJ

Running Commentary #6.

60. BoE have signalled a possible first rate hike in a decade to curb the sharp rise in inflation.

59. UK consumers suffer longest decline in spending power since 1970s

58. The 0.2% Q2 figure makes Britain the worst performing major economy on earth right now

57. Britain's economy grew just 0.2% in the first quarter of 2017, according to the Office for National Statistics third estimate of GDP growth at the start of 2017, released on 30-Jun-17.

56. Deloitte study reveals nearly half of all highly skilled EU workers could leave the UK within 5 years

55. Japanese bank Nomura chooses Frankfurt for EU HQ after UK's withdrawal

54. Michel Barnier calls for more ambition, clarity and guarantees than in UK’s citizen’s rights position

Running commentary #5.

53. London could lose EU euro clearing role

52. Pound dipped below €1.13

51. RPI increased to 3.7% in June, up from 3.5% in May

50. UK inflation rate rose to 2.9% in May, up from 2.7% in April

49. In May the Bank of England downgraded its growth forecast for 2017 to 1.9%

48. Price increases now outpacing wages (latest ONS data)

47. Britain is bottom of the G7 group of advanced economies

Running Commentary #4.

46. In May the Bank of England downgraded its growth forecast for 2017 to 1.9%

45. Price increases now outpacing wages (latest ONS data)

44. Britain is bottom of the G7 group of advanced economies

43. Growth slumped to 0.2% in the first 3 months of 2017

42. UK now the worst-performing advanced economy in the world

41. Euronext boss: City will lose euro-clearing battle

40. UK inflation rate at highest level since Sep 2013 - jumped to 2.7% for the year to April

39. 46% of EU managers working with UK suppliers now seeking local suppliers because of Brexit

38. Immigration restrictions will hurt the British economy – PWC

37. MEPs will veto any Brexit deal that fails to uphold citizens’ rights

36. May allows free vote on fox hunting – but not on Brexit

Running Commentary #3.

35. Brexit already starting to make families poorer, Bank of England

34. JPMorgan to Move Hundreds of Staff to Three EU Offices on Brexit

33. UK house prices fall again in April as buyers feel the pinch

32. Brexit bill reached €100bn

31. UK nuclear power industry ‘at risk’ of disruption after EU split

30. May locks journalists out during Cornwall visit

29. May demonstrates her negotiating skills by saying she is going to be “bloody difficult” with EC President.

28. UK GDP growth falling more than expected to 0.3% in the first quarter from 0.7%

27. UK public sector net borrowing worse than expected

26. EU to exclude financial services from post-Brexit deal

25. EU to hit Britain with €2bn customs fraud claim

24. European parliament’s Brexit coordinator condemns May as a political opportunist.

23. Dozens of Tory MPs under criminal investigation

22. Biggest fall in UK retail sales in 7 years

21. Two senior Downing Street advisers resign

20. Trump puts EU ahead of Britain in trade queue

19. Conservative election pledges meaningless, look how many they have broken

18. May’s Easter message the height of hypocrisy

17. Lloyds picks Berlin to secure its post-Brexit EU operation

16. Prestigious London-based European agencies to move to EU

15. May’s aggressive approach to EU backfires

14. Living standards in UK fall for the first time since 2014

13. Foreign student numbers down 41,000 year to Sep may result in jump in tuition fees

Running Commentary #2.

12. MPs not prepared to guarantee rights of EU citizens who cook, clean and maintain their workplace

11. Transferwise to move European HQ from UK to continent due to Brexit

10. Guy Verhofstadt demands May back Britons wanting to keep EU citizenship

9. NHS faces shortage of 40,000 nurses after Brexit

8. Independent Scotland could re-join EU in speedy process

7. UK industrial output shrinks unexpectedly in February

Running Commentary #1.

6. Donald Tusk’s negotiating strategy endorsed by European Parliament

5. Guy Verhofstadt defines Brexit: It’s a cat-fight in the Tory Party

4. Farage refers to EU Parliament as Mafia and gangsters

3. Former Tory leader suggests UK may go to war over Gibraltar

2. Free movement set to continue well past 2020

1. Positive impacts of immigrants to economy and NHS suppressed by May