March 2017

Brexpats – Hear our Voice mentioned in the 2nd report published by the Exiting the EU Committee

The group collaborated with RIFT on their written evidence (BMP0011) to the House LORDS - European Union Committee - 14th Report of Session 2016–17

February 2017

The group was a co signatory, involved in providing feedback and distribution of the "Alternative White Paper" which is saved in files. Coverage so far in the Guardian and Olive press.

January 2017

BHOV signed “the Pledge” for the 3 million, which was handed to the Prime Ministers Office. Coverage by many media outlets.

Concerted Plea video completed and distributed to all politicians. RIFT and BHOV shared the distribution.

The Freedom of Movement Research was finalised and shared as a document.

The House of Commons Select Committee for exiting the EU inquiry was held in London. BHOV were part of the oral evidence session.

The Guardian Newspaper ran a story on the above and an interview with radio 4 happened but not broadcast to date.

December 2016

Created a new small secret working/action group.

Graham Clark came up with the concerted plea video concept and started work on it.

Pam Wallace became our pension coordinator and at least one of the petitions broke the 10000-signature mark by having a plan for promotion.

BHOV was involved in sending “Christmas Cards” to UK Cabinet Ministers.

We became an affiliated group of New Europeans

We were invited to participate in the Brexit Communication Board and Brits in Europe. Weekly conference calls are held.

November 2016

Attended and presented at the Green Party Forum the Freedom of Movement Research. Met many interesting people and organisations, namely Nicolas Hatton of the 3 million and Roger Casale of New Europeans.

The video was released and shared, which just captured “snapshot” of the feeling from the Forum.

Submitted and had a question answered from the group to Martin Schulz the then EP President at a live online Q&A webinar.

October 2016

Invite received (and accepted) from Jean Lambert MEP to speak at a Forum on Freedom of Movement in London on 11th November 2016.

Research on Freedom of Movement conducted during this month. Questions asked of BHOV and RIFT members.

September 2016

Written evidence was submitted to the British Future inquiry and their report, which has recently been published, is saved in files.

An invite to speak in person with Jean Lambert MEP at the EP was received and conducted. A very productive meeting ensued, which has resulted in a continuing relationship.

Conference calls, relationship building with other groups, some group members left, more joined. Became more involved in other group projects as co signatories.

August 2016

The original letter was redistributed (shortened and slightly adapted) to all recipients as stated above but also the new DExEU, Cabinet Ministers and some EU Commissioners.

  • Some great responses from UK and EU MEPs, significantly Jean Lambert MEP.

  • Replies from some Cabinet Ministers and one from a EU Commissioner but no significant information included.

So many new connections made during this month.  Online and offline groups linked up, sharing information and news. Significantly we became a member of the Cohub Network and our partnership began with our sister group “RIFT”.

Many research projects; surveys and polls conducted this month. Most of which are recorded in files.

 July 2016

The group as a collective, wrote and distributed a letter to all politicians in the UK and the EU Parliaments and some media outlets, raising the concerns of EU Nationals living in the UK and UK Citizens living in the EU post the Referendum Result.

  • Many supportive replies, some not so supportive.

  • Lord Berkeley raised the letter in a debate in the House of Lords.

  • The letter was posted on the Lords of the blog site.

  • Two MPs joined the group.

  • Some journalists joined the group.

  • Membership of the group increased.

  • The points of concern that were raised we have since been told, were a benchmark, as there was little understanding of what was to be addressed.