Possible Survey of MPs

Overnight, I had an idea! Not a particularly original one, but an idea nonetheless.

I will try to keep this message as short as I can, but we can obviously flesh it out if people believe it has any merit. 

The idea is based on the facts that the UK is a Representative Democracy and Parliament very clearly stated that the EU Referendum was Advisory. As a consequence, all MPs have a duty to act in a way they believe to be in the interests of the UK and its population.

Why then don't we send a questionnaire (maybe best dressed up as a letter) that seeks to determine what each MP genuinely believes?

I'm thinking the questions would be along the lines of if they think leaving the EU will be best for the UK economy, whether the UK will be more or less influential on the World stage, whether they believe the image of the UK has been damaged as a result of Brexit, whether the EU approach to Foreign Nationals is fairer and therefore preferable to the UK approach, whether they believe that a no deal is remotely acceptable, whether they accept the OBR forecasts are accurate etc.

We can obviously give these questions a lot more thought if we decide to pursue this. I suggest we would need to limit the number of questions (maybe a maximum of 5), seek to phrase them in a manner that requires a definitive response one way or the other and avoids "will of the people" responses.

To maximise the responses received, I think we should include other Facebook groups so we can write to each MP from a constituent. Potentially doing this in stages, maybe 50 or so at a time?

This exercise could achieve a lot, but for starters:
1. MPs would be required to go on the record and definitively say what they personally believe is best for the country.
2. The combined results will be very newsworthy and may well advance our arguments in terms of foreign national rights and whether or not Brexit should be stopped.

Until we decide if this is worth pursuing or not, can you please keep this idea private within this group?