To kick off the New Year, and with only weeks to go until 29 March, Brexpats Hear Our Voice has made focusing on young people one of their first projects.

Following on from our polls and case studies of last year, this time we asked young people, (under 35s or thereabouts), parents and grandparents too, to express their concerns for the future, if Brexit goes ahead with or without a deal. These were collected during the first week of January and this will be an ongoing project.


19 December 2018 - 100 DAYS TO GO AND STILL IN LIMBO

“Let history record the truth about 5 million people whose status has been severely compromised as a result of the June 2016 referendum, about losing rights they never expected to have taken away from them. Former Prime Minister, David Cameron, said publicly he does not regret holding the referendum. Shame on him. Try to find evidence of due consideration given to the 5 million before going ahead with that fateful vote. There was none. We became a new underclass.

There will be countless references saying EUinUK and UKinEU citizens would be a priority. Yet, even though the government started spewing out No Deal “technical notices” at the rate of knots from late summer, only on 6th December was there one specifically concerning the “displaced” 5 million. That is a matter of fact but it was cunningly labelled a “policy paper”, in case you have trouble finding it.”

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‘Our Loss’ sums up many of our views from across Europe:

• Showing the range and scale of some of the benefits of being a member of the EU.

• Sharing the deep concerns of those who will perhaps be most directly affected, by showing what they are likely to lose, in whole or in part.

It is vital that people know really what is at stake. Many of us have based our lives on living, loving and working across Europe.

Today's European Union is the largest political and economic union on the planet. This remarkable body has not only kept the peace in Europe, but has helped to transform 14 dictatorships into democratic societies.

We need to ask whether increasing public sector austerity and sliding living standards in the UK a price worth paying for leaving so much behind?

“So, where there was war, there is now peace. But another historic task now lies ahead of us: keeping peace where there is peace. After all, history is not a novel, a book we can close after a Happy Ending: we remain fully responsible for what is yet to come.”
(Herman Van Rompuy, 2012 - former President of the European Council)