MARCH 2019


‘Chaos rond Brexit duurt voort’

Andrew was interviewed by a local radio station ‘L1 Radio’ at the Café Forum in Maastricht, Netherlands. He was interviewed about Brexit with another guest, Carool Kersten, who is a lecturer at King’s College London.

To listen to Andrew’s interview, click on the button below and scroll down to ‘Chaos rond Brexit duurt voort’:

‘Britse parlement vergroot macht: hoe nu verder met de Brexit?’

Marcus and Andrew have been back on NPO Radio 1 this month in the Netherlands.

You can watch their interview in full here:

‘Sendung - 27/03/2019’

During the news bulletin, our member Harry was featured by Tagesschau for a segment about Brexit. You can see him in the first few minutes of the recording here:

‘Expositie 'Protest' in fotoatelier BW5’

Nick Gammon, a photojournalist who is one of our members, was interviewed from his exhibition in the Hague. The theme of the exhibition was ‘Protest’ and the pictures displayed include ones taken during the People’s Vote March in London in October 2018 when he marched with Brexpats - Hear our Voice and many other members of our group.

You can watch his interview here:

‘5 Women Tell Us Why They Are Applying For Dual Citizenship After Brexit’

Our member Zoe is featured in this piece written for Refinery29. If you click through the pictures, you can see what she has to say:

‘Brit in Rotterdam Magnus Weightman baalt van Brexit’

Magnus was interviewed on the radio at the ‘Brexit Festival’ event in Rotterdam.

You listen to his interview in full here:

‘Anxiety for Britons living abroad as Brexit day nears’

Karen, her husband and son were interviewed by Al Jazeera English.

To watch their interview, click on the button below:

Brexit and me: ‘I am happy to give up a British passport to stay here’

Our member Jay was interviewed by Dutch News.

Dutch news are looking at how British nationals in the Netherlands are coping with Brexit, how Brexit is affecting them personally, what they are planning to do to regulate their stay and how they view the UK.

To read the article, click on the button below:


On 21st January, two of our members, Andrew and Magnus were interviewed on the Dutch radio station NPO Radio 1. They were asked about what Brexit means for British citizens in the Netherlands.

To listen to their interview in full, click on the button below: