British Nationals in EU Left Hanging Again

We fully endorse British in Europe and the3million’s demand today for “an immediate end to the crippling legal uncertainty in the wake of an agreed extension to... ...31 October 2019”. Business aside, there needs to be more awareness of how this affects people. Every week has been bringing us new worries since our lives were turned upside down, astonishingly close to three years ago. This week of no deal?, short extension?, long extension?... has been one of the worst. How much more of hanging over the abyss, living with uncertainty do they think people can take? We will not forget the significant number of Conservative MPs who were prepared for 5 million “displaced” people, that is EUinUK and UKinEU citizens, to have their rights flung out from the protection of international treaties. There is no definitive consensus to ring-fence rights, in spite of all the right noises being made and the support for the Costa Amendment. No deal would send us into free fall with 28+ different parachutes, none of which are made to exactly the same specification. Each member state has its own “no deal” legislation. Importantly, governments of the day or future governments can alter this legislation. In the UK, it is a matter of secondary legislation, amendable without consultation. So please stop telling our EU counterparts, and us, that “everything will be fine”…

This is a quote taken from BHOV’s response with regards to a further extension of Article 50.

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