Public Address to the Portuguese Government’s EU Parliamentary Commission

Our BHOV team member Tig was invited to speak at a meeting of the Portuguese Government’s EU Parliamentary Committee on 26 March 2019.

“…My name is Tig James and I am the co-President of British in Portugal. British in Portugal represents the approximately 60,000 British citizens believed to be living in Portugal and is affiliated to, and works closely with a number of other groups across Europe. These groups include, British in Europe, Brexpats Hear Our Voice and, most importantly at this time, Conselho Das Comunidades. Conselho das Comunidades, as I am sure you are aware, is a group based in the UK acting on behalf of the 400,000 Portuguese citizens currently resident in the UK and Ireland.

As the Brexit process gained momentum, the role of these groups has grown, not only in Portugal, but in the EU27 Member States. Consequently, this role is now recognised within the various institutions of the European Union and its Parliament. During this growth, various leading voices from the European Union, the UK and Portugal have made a number of statements regarding British and EU citizens and their rights. Michel Barnier maintained citizens rights should not be watered down, whilst Theresa May insisted EU citizens rights in the UK would be such that they could carry on their lives as before and the Portuguese Government, has told British Citizens, to ‘keep calm and carry on.’…”

This is a small quote taken from Tig’s speech. You can read her speech in full here:

The entire meeting was shown on the Portuguese Government’s Parliamentary channel. Tig’s speech starts 19 minutes into the recording and you can watch it by pressing on the button below:

It goes without saying that Tig prepared a wonderful speech and delivered it perfectly! She did us all proud, especially British citizens living in Portugal and Portuguese citizens living in the UK. Well done Tig!